Southeast Colorado Antique Vehicle Club Newsletter March 2021

Description: Southeast Colorado Antique Vehicle Club Newsletter March 2021...Minute by Minute by Karen Menges.

Up-Coming Events for 2021

Apr. 6th – Tuesday - 7:00 p.m. Car Club Meeting at the First Christian Church 5th & Santa Fe Ave. La Junta

Apr. 30 – Friday – Santa Fe Trail Days, Las Animas

Remember to wear your mask

Get your $20.00 dues to Carol Allen, PO Box 64 Sugar City, CO 81076-0064

Board Members

Richard Wittman

Dan Wagner

Bill Allen


2021 Officers


Alvin Grim


Vice President

James Huff


Karen Menges


Carol Allen


Minute by minute

By Karen Menges

On March 2nd twenty masked members showed up for the 7:00 p.m. meeting. President Alvin Grim opened the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance. Leonard Walgren motioned to accept February 2nd minutes with Bill Allen giving a second. Motion passed. The end of the month’s treasurers report given by Carol Allen. James Huff motioned to accept the report as presented and seconded by Leonard Walgren. Motion passed.

Old Business – Alvin Grim would like to honor the women of the club but with the club starting back up late due to Covid; it looks like a Valentine’s Day dinner will not happen this year. Karen Menges mentioned that we could have something for Mother’s Day. This idea is tabled until next meeting.

New Business – Leonard Walgren was ahead of the game and handed out this year’s City of La Junta Park reservation forms to Alvin Grim- Pres., James Huff- V Pres., Karen Menges-Sec. These reservations will cover gazebo #3 on 6/01/21 from 5:00-10p.m (hamburger fry). The second reservation will cover gazebo #3 on 7/06/21 from 5:00-10p.m. (ice cream social). The last reservation will cover gazeboes #1,2 & 3 on 9/18/21 from 7:00a.m. – 4:00p.m. (SECAVC annual car show). James Huff mentioned that one of the officers need to have a copy of the reservation handy that day to prove that we have authorization.

James Huff also wanted to Thank Leonard Walgren for putting together these reservations in advance. James Huff had an idea for the Debug & Defrost tour this year and Mount Capulin sounded interesting. Discussion amongst the club was for the members to take their own lunch and drink as it will be a 2 to 3-hour venture one way with no restaurants available. April 17th is first date (weather permitting) and the 24th second choice.

Next meeting the club will decide on time and place to meet. Lee Fulbright will get in touch with the Kim Equine Center for a potty pit stop. The Menges’ and Allen’s will make a dry run to Mount Capulin before next meeting and give a report.

Chuck Donkle also had a tour idea which would take the club from La Junta to Las Animas checking out Ken & Donna Dawson’s tractor collection ending up at the Las Animas Museum and lunch.

Additional thoughts were to do a drive-by the Las Animas Nursing Home, or even check out Boggsville. Other ideas for future tours was a junk yard at the East end of Lamar; Amachi has a new museum bldg.; visit Danny Rounds’ ranch where he has a great collection of old vehicles; visit John Carter (Owner of Lamar Ranchers Supply) has a junk yard of old cars. Kenny Pearson mentioned that Hasty Lake has eagle sightings and everyone would enjoy checking this out. Don’t forget that April 30th is Santa Fe Trail Days.

Alvin Grim wanted to Thank James & Rethabel Huff for bringing & serving refreshments.

Meeting was adjourned at 7:40p.m.

Larry Grant Obit SECO News *****We have received word that long-time member and Past Board Member Larry Grant passed away.

Please keep Larry’s family and Candy Geist in prayer at this very difficult time. Celebration of Life is set for April 10th at the Manzanola Christian Church. More information to follow. The family would like the car club to honor Larry by driving our old cars to his service.


9 Larry Grant

16 Laurie Pearson

18 Pete Danko Jr.

20 Abby Hart

25 Jan McNeff

27 Shari Rider

30 Janet Hijar


26 Scott & Heather Maldonaldo


5 Angella Grim

7 Richard Wittman

10 Dennis Marquez

13 May Danko

17 Chuck Donkle

18 Ray Mauch

21 Fannie Thomas

23 Missy Ricken

25 Arlan Grim

30 Louise Snelson 


18 Larry & Claudette Miller

21 Smokey & Belinda Kurtz

31 Bryan & Aimee Hill


“Club Humor” by Terry Menges

How to restore an antique vehicle

Finding a reputable parts store is very important in the restoration of and maintaning your automobiles.

My experience in restoration has taught me the best way, is to buy a new radiator cap, oils, grease, polish along with rags, towels and a bucket.

Drive to the nearest car lot, find a nice older vehicle that looks like what you would like to have. Buy it, put on the new radiator cap, change the fluids, wash and wax!

Viola!!! You’re done..... PS: make sure it isn’t a bucket of rust!!!

PSS: Karen did not see my humor!!! / per the name above!