Introvert in New York

Description: Digital: The Empress

Published: 08/10/2020
Byline: Hollingsworth

Introvert in NY


I'll take the D train down to Coney Island
into the waterfront


(born with my eyes facing inward--born looking at my brain)

who am I in dreamless sleep and distant waves
floating horizontally
how restful it is to be driftwood
never having a home to come back to 

You can praise whatever swine flu you pray to
in the center of a body of smoke
eyes like rain
a lick of flame
that there are no laws for the brave 

without our mysteries we cannot survive:
the animal creates the brain
--as if I was born
wanting to jump in the deep, drowning end
the memories erode the pearl pressed into consciousness
--the brain destroys the animal
over millions of years: one dewdrop of immortality 

(and all along America is...
and all the while we love to rid ourselves of love)

without our mysteries we cannot survive
needles of bone ribboned around the heart's silhouette
of people hunched over
in front of a setting sun
vibrating      out of time
heading      out to sea restful it is to be driftwood
never having a home to come back to
(it must have recently rained here in Times Square
in front of the red bleachers there is a shiny, smooth grey court
the commercials towering stories above reflecting, blinking white into burgundies
and the sirens wash on shore and disappear just as quickly)