Picketwire Players Take a Trip to Almost, Maine

Description: The snow-covered set of Almost, Maine at The Picketwire Center for Performing and Visual Arts in La Junta, Colorado. (Photo Credit: Sue Keefer)

The Picketwire Players Take a trip to Almost, Maine

By Sue Keefer

Are you tired of sitting at home? Why not take a trip to the small town of Almost, Maine?

“Almost, Maine,” is the Picketwire Players’ latest theatrical production. You have time to catch it—tonight or tomorrow night (Jan 14 and 15) at 7:30 p.m. at Picketwire Center for the Performing Arts, 802 San Juan Ave., La Junta.

I suggest arriving at, or shortly after, 7 p.m., when the house opens. As you’re admiring the beautiful set, you’ll get to see glimpses of the characters as they come and go on their daily routines.

The show consists of several short vignettes, involving different people as they explore their lives and loves in some unusual ways.

You’ll not only enjoy the acting. Even the set changes are enjoyable. As music plays, you’ll see the set crew in silhouettes as they appear to almost dance in front of a star-studded backdrop, complete with shooting stars.

The play was written by John Cariani and directed by Kelly Jo Smith. Actors include Dylan Kurtz, Isadora Clark-Smart, Kaydence Lagergren, Stephen Mathews, Molly Borton, Jeffrey Reed, Rachael Berg, Dawn Smart, Omayra Pumalpa, Veronica Leitner, Adam Lewis Clark, Caitlyn Dieckmann, David Eckhart, Angelica Leija, Jenn Hart, Patrick Smith, Kristin Golding, Katie Lagergren, Tim Baublits, Ashley Bass, and Brandon Bass.

Tickets are available at the door from 5:30-7 p.m.

You might also consider becoming a patron. Picketwire Players in a non-profit organization that depends on volunteers, box office sales and tax-deductible donations. Patronage levels start at $20 and go up to $500 and over.

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