CPW Makes Efforts to Rehabilitate Holbrook Wildlife Area

Description: Theres Something New in This Picture...Its Not the Water...

Published: 05/26/2021
Byline: Hart

CPW Makes Efforts to Rehabilitate Holbrook Wildlife Area

Holbrook has recently been partially filled for seasonal water storage.  Several posts about fencing going in have circulated on social media.

SECO News spoke with the local Colorado Parks and Wildlife District Wildlife Manager Jordon DePriest, who covers North of the Arkansas River.

Holbrook Colorado Parks and Wildlife SECO News seconews.org"The Fencing Project Should be completed in about a month. In the past we've had issues with people driving off road at Holbrook several other issues with people leaving trash and littering and stuff like that. In No Way Does it Stop People From Using The Wildlife Area."

"It doesn't prohibit anybody from using the property, it's not being closed down at all; it is just to control access," DePriest said.

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