Caitlyn Tibbles Receives Otero County Communities that Care Youth Recognition Award

Description: Otero County Commissioner John Hostetler Presents Caitlyn Tibbles with a Otero County Communities that Care Youth Recognition Award. (Courtesy Photo)

Published: 06/02/2021
Byline: Hart
The Creativity Award: A young person who demonstrates creativity through art, music, multimedia, or creative thinking.
Otero County Communities that Care Youth Recognition Award SECO News
Nomination Narrative: she plays a ton of instruments - more than i can remember - like ukulele, guitar, flute, clarinet, bass guitar, violin, trumpet, and piano. she also writes and composes songs about a plethora of sensitive topics such as growing up, isolation, imagination, want, and mental illness.
She plays music regularly for junction plaza, a small store in la junta, and she signs up to play at every event she comes across. she also writes short stories and is part of the creative writing club at her school.
She has a universe of sorts that she's created surrounding one guy who makes his way into every story she writes and yet every single story is about something new and impressive such as loss, love, and homelessness.
Even better, she draws really well. Her art is usually pencil and colored pencil and she uses these mediums to design clothing and show off her cats. She's constantly coming up with new ideas and new songs and stories and pieces of art and shes always going on about wanting her work to make others happy.
(The intention of the Communities That Care Youth Recognition Award is to acknowledge youth for their contributions to community outside of just athletics and academics and instead focus on some of the ways they make the world better.)