Neo-Expressionism in Southeast Colorado

Description: I Took a Flower from the City (digital print)

By: Donnie Hollingsworth 

Neo-expressionism acted as a major revival of painting in an expressionist manner in the 1980s and it occurred internationally….It was seen as a reaction to the minimalism and conceptual art that had dominated the 1970s. In the USA leading figures were Philip Guston and Julian Schnabel, and in Britain Christopher Le Brun and Paula Rego. There was a major development of neo-expressionism in Germany, as might be expected with its expressionist heritage, but also in Italy. In Germany the neo-expressionists became known as Neue Wilden (i.e. new Fauves). In Italy, neo-expressionist painting appeared under the banner of Transavanguardia (beyond the avant-garde). In France a group called Figuration Libre was formed in 1981 by Robert Combas, Remi Blanchard, Francois Boisrond and Herve de Rosa.


Ever since I was young, I’ve included cartoon figures, graffiti, and surrealism in my images. I often experience reality as a multi-tiered, all-inclusive--pervasive and divine--soma and sublimity. In other words: organically, and biologically. The art I make isn’t so much an echo of this sentiment but an extension (this is where Plato’s mimetic theory of reality falls short). By default, I have been born into the postmodern milieu, which means that my visual language includes Dada, Beat poetry, cartoons, and Hermeticism….and other streams that crisscross my aesthetic field like chem-trails in the sky.

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