OCHD Awarded $62,500 “Together We Protect” Grant

Description: Getting Out of Covid Health Fair...Sponsored by Otero/Crowley County Health Department...June 25th at Railroad Park in Rocky Ford.

OCHD Awarded $62,500 “Together We Protect” Grant

Otero and Crowley County Health Departments will be providing outreach, education, and vaccines for people 12+ at the “Getting out of CoVid-19 Health Fair (see attached flyer), on June 25th, 2021 at Railroad Park in Rocky Ford, CO.

Crowley/Otero County Health Departments was one of 50 organizations in Colorado to receive the Grant through “Together We Protect” Vaccine Equity Fund, a partnership of Immunize Colorado, and the Colorado Vaccine Equity Taskforce.  Crowley and Otero County Health Dept’s together, were awarded $62,500 as the total grant amount. The grant is provided by Colorado based foundations and donors.

“Together We Protect”, provides funding to organizations working in communities disproportionately affected by CoVid-19. These organizations will be providing culturally relevant outreach, education, and support, to ensure communities who face systemic barriers, have the most appropriate and accessible information about the CoVid-19 vaccine.

“Together We Protect” Vaccine Equity Fund, provided a funding opportunity this year, to build trust and reduce barriers to vaccine access across the state of Colorado.