Santa Fe Trail Bicentennial Symposium Update LJCC BLT 8/26/21

Description: Secretary and Finance Officer of the Bents Fort Chapter of the Santa Fe Trail Association LaDonna Hutton gave an update on the Santa Fe Trail Bicentennial Symposium During the August La Junta Chamber of Commerce Business, Lunch, and Talk.

Santa Fe Trail Bicentennial Symposium Update LJCC BLT

Secretary and Finance Officer of the Bent's Fort Chapter of the Santa Fe Trail Association LaDonna Hutton gave an update during the August La Junta Chamber of Commerce Business, Lunch and Talk held over Zoom on Thursday.

The meeting was organized and conducted by LJCC Board Member Julie Worley.

Hutton: This is really, really getting to be a big event and it's just going to be a phenomenal event. Let me tell you between September 22nd and 26th you are going to see Bent's Old Fort just come alive. We are going to have over 60 living historians at the fort and they are going to be portraying the year 1843. There are so many activities. The fort is going to be open to the public those days on Thursday through Sunday and admission is going to be waved. The National Park Service waved our admission fees, so it's free. 

Friday is a very, very special day at the Bent's Old Fort. They are going to have some of the living historians actually give presentations on [subjects] like tac saddle demonstrations, blacksmithing on the Santa Fe Trail, we even guy that's going to do a really cool thing on music on the Santa Fe Trail. That will be out there at the fort Friday and don't worry about spending the whole day out at the fort on Friday we are going to have a food truck or two out there so you can have lunch. 

I wanted to thank the city of La Junta. We have received such generous donations from SABREA, La Junta Tourism, Otero County Preservation. It's just phenomenal, the amount of donation that we have received from so many organizations. A big thing that I want to mention and promote is on Friday night, September 24th, I don't know if you've all heard this or not, but Michael Martin Murphey is going to do a concert at the Kiva. 

You can get tickets online and that is at

I don't know if it's being promoted yet, but the Kiva will only hold 350 people, so it's going to be a very hot ticket item and you can actually get your tickets online right now.

As far as the Santa Fe Trail Association Symposium is concerned we already have over about 320 registered and it's just a phenomenal count, it's getting bigger and bigger by the day. Last week we had over 30 registrations come in. That's for the presentations that are going to be at Otero College in the Ed Stafford Theater on Thursday morning and Saturday morning.

All of our outside prairie tours have been full for months. Those tours have been full and we have two 56 passenger busses, so we have 112 people on each one of those tours. You'll see lots and lots of Santa Fe Trail people out on the Prairie, at the fort, and around town. By the way I'm sure that, the last I've heard is that the hotels are full, so we're very glad about that.

Worley: LaDonna, that's what I was going to ask you, if there is need for housing if somebody has a bed and breakfast or air B&B or something?

Hutton: Right, I sent that cabin to a gal yesterday by the way and it may be already booked, so that's a great thing, thank you for sending that. But yes, and people can find air B&B's online too, but if you know of some please send them to me.

We are being very cautious about COVID, right now the National Park Service is requiring masks even outdoors if it's a crowded situation, and Otero College does require masks now. We will be masked up for the symposium, but we want everyone to stay safe. We don't want this to become a big spreader, so we are being very very cautious. We have one speaker from Hawaii that had to cancel because he's not able to travel out of the country, out of the state I should say, out of Hawaii. There discourages that. Do you have any questions?

Worley: Does anybody have a question for LaDonna?

Blanco: Yes I do, this is Betty Blanco, I was wondering how do we get a hold of you?

Hutton: You can reach me at my email, it's simply

Blanco: Thanks.

Hutton: And my phone number is (719) 469-2906

Donations May Be Made To:

Santa Fe Trail Symposium

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Michael Martin Murphey and The Santa Fe Trail at Koshare Kiva September 24, 2021

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