American Solar Challenge at Bent's Old Fort

Description: Limited Edition American Solar Challenge Santa Fe Trail 2021 Commemorative Pin.

American Solar Car Challenge at Bent's Old Fort

The American Solar Challenge made a stop in La Junta Colorado in early August. The road rally style competition ran along the historic Santa Fe Trail from Missouri to the finish line in Las Vegas New Mexico. Along the way the collegiate teams stopped in La Junta at Bent's Old Fort National Historic Site.

While here they displayed their vehicles for the public and ran laps through the community to gain extra mileage and points in the competition. Their route ran down Hwy 194 to Las Animas, through town, and down Hwy 50 to La Junta across the North La Junta bridge and back down Hwy 194 to Bent's Old Fort.

Check out these videos of the solar cars while they were in town as part of the Santa Fe Trail's 200th Anniversary. Then, check out the 75 photos in our photo gallery from the event.

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American Solar Challenge At Bent's Old Fort Photo Gallery