Dada Definition Poems

Description: The Rule of Kundalini (Digital)

What is Freedom

It's soft, transversely ribbed, and capable of being transmitted by fanciful creatures in a deep sound.

It is The student's indifference, frustrating the teacher's efforts to help him, and

a talented woman whom life has turned into a deep blue-black color.

It’s hundreds of fast & tasty recipes in a recipe toolbar.

What is Eastern Philosophy
It is the older classifications concerning families of basking sharks.


It extends beyond established borders or spheres of influence held by separate nations and a name given, in the south of England, to weatherworn, rough pillars of gray sandstone scattered over the chalk downs, but in other countries generally in the form of circles.

A bridal or dower chest, highly ornate and given prominence in the home.

A topological characterization of the condensed polycyclic molecular systems, an enclosed space in front of the choir of a church, and a small Northern constellation between Pegasus and not getting what you want.

[Climb up the ladder and use the test-tube holder on the cuckoo's egg.]

What is a Machine

A flat-looking cartoon man with a very big hat. It is by guess and by gosh, becoming slower and broader,

aslant, diagonal, slanted, sloped. It is snow accumulated in the driveway, small balls used as counters

in secret voting, and exists permanently

having sword-shaped leaves and one-sided spikes

hiding a small pearl-grey flower.

What is Love

A suffix used in the names of chemical derivatives, representing “alcohol," to stare with open mouth, as in wonder, to have timeless or

abstract existence, as a number. It is a casual or indirect reference, to have something of the nature or character, vigorously, as in

opposition or resistance. It's an outer garment, originally one made of skin.