Letter of Recommendation for Adrian Hart Sept. 2006

Description: Letter of recommendation for Adrian Hart from September 23rd 2006.


To whom it may concern:

It is my pleasure to recommend Adrian Hart for employment with your firm.

As publisher and general manager of Colorado Newspapers, Inc. I had the opportunity to supervise Mr. Hart. for 14 months.

Adrian demonstrated a strong work ethic and the capacity to meet company goals and achieve company objectives. During my long career in the newspaper industry I have never seen a young manager grow into a difficult job more quickly than Adrian did. 

Adrian is a fast learner who mastered complicated proprietary software with little training. 

Adrian is part of the newspaper management team and holds a supervisory position in the organization.

Adrian has superior interpersonal skills that allowed him to build and maintain a home delivery crew that consisted of both adults and young people. He also worked extremely well with our subscribers and our front office customers. Adrian made customer service a priority and expected the independent contractors he supervised to do the same. 

Adrian is a quiet and confident young man with a quick mind and a strong desire to succeed.

If you need a good worker and a strong leader for your team I feel confident that Adrian will surpass your expectations.

Again, I highly recommend Adrian Hart.

If you require additional information please feel free to contact me...

Sincerely yours,

Ed Trainor