2021 SECO News Tarantula Photo Contest - #secotarantulas

Description: Become a SECO News Tarantula Hunter in the 2021 SECO News Tarantula Photography Contest. (SECO News Tarantula Hunter Logo Design by Heath Adler)

Published: 10/03/2021
Byline: Hart

An Adult Male Oklahoma Brown Tarantula Crosses Hwy 109 South of La Junta in 2020An Adult Male Oklahoma Brown Tarantula Crosses Hwy 109 South of La Junta in 2020.

Update: Contest Awards Delayed Due to Covid-19 

2021 + 2022 Awards Oct. 2022!


Help Build The Community Tarantula Photo Gallery and Enter Your Pics Into the Largest Display of Southeast Colorado Tarantulas for a Chance To Win Cool SECO News Tarantula Hunter Prizes.

Hashtag SECO Tarantulas (#secotarantulas) and Send Your Pics to SECO News for Our Community Photography Gallery.


Back By Popular Demand! Enter Your Tarantula Short Film for a chance to be featured on SECO News and win cool prizes!

SEND PICS & VIDEO ENTRIES TO: seconewsphotos@gmail.com 

Winners will be notified by email. You can enter as many photos as you like, not all entries will be published. Please only one video entry per person.

Watch for more information crawling onto SECO News...

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Rules: Photography submissions (including any text or electronic data) made to SECO News may be used in various marketing campaigns (your contact information will be kept private). Not all submitted photos will be "published." (photographers maintain their copyrights, submission indicates release of use to SECO News and its affiliates) Winners are chosen at the sole discretion of SECO News and it's Contributors. By submitting an entry you agree to the SECO News terms of use and photography contest rules and understand that your images may be used in future interactive displays, SECO News articles, videos, and media campaigns including multiple social media platforms as well as traditional advertising venues that may include public performance and merchandising. Photo submission does not guarantee eligibility to participate in any way. Photos selected for merchandise are selected at the sole discretion of SECO News. Participation in the contest does not guarantee rights to prizes in any way. Prizes are provided at the sole discretion of SECO News participation in the contest does not entitle entrants to services, products, merchandise, advertising, royalties, or payment in any shape or form.

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