Otero County Commissioners Meeting Minutes 9/27/21

Description: Otero County Commissioners Meeting Minutes from September 27, 2021. Includes Audience Participation, and Links to Various Related Articles.

Otero County Commissioners Meeting Minutes 9/27/21

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Otero Commissioners Pass Resolution 2021-08 Concerning Mask & Vaccination Mandates

September 27, 2021

The Board of County Commissioners now meets pursuant to adjournment.

Present: Jim Baldwin John Hostetler Rob Oquist

Amy White-Tanabe Lynda Scott

Chairman Member Member Admin Clerk

Guests in attendance in person: Morgan Shedrick, Trish Leone, Jennifer Scofield, Nicholas Martinez, Sonya Stoker, Stephen Zgorzynski, Julie Zgorzynski, Samantha Graham, Cathy Coy, Sheryl Farris, Marty Lee, Micah Summers, Laura Hicks, Ginny Lagergren, Wilma Collins, Carolyn Ehrlich, Natalie Ridgewell, Lynette Ramirez, Michelle Gardner, Teresa Gomez, Tamara Ramos, Sylvia Mccomber, Jack McComber, Sueana Baca, Kerry Froese, Valerie McKinney, Karly Kauffman, Ryan Ehrlich, Nathan Vaisa, Jace Wordylee, Chad Penner, Ted W. Shipley, Stephanie Garbo, Gordon French, William Jurgens MO, Dery! Schibbelhute,  MaryAnn Schibbelhute, Brenda Eddy, Sharon Ghiladucci, Jared Hollis, Lanita Hollis, Rae Ann Waggoner, Bob S., Sarah Watterman, April Donnell, Sherri Lucero, Mary Goodrich, Linda Casillas, Travis McMillan, Jen McMillan, Jeff Casillas ,Nichole Mauricio, Bill B, Rexella Day, Jenifer Schulz, Kari Gollihar, Damon Nichols, Donna Carter, Erlinda Roe, Brad Roe, Tim Bates, Teresa Wadleigh, Gene Long, Daxton Mink, Pat B, Joy Muth, Jim Muth, Debbie Johnson, Darryl Johnson, Bellamy Olomon, Brian Keahey, Larry Hall, Tim Knabenshue, Malcolm P. Muth, Jeff Rumpf, Adam Anubis, Lucas Flanscha, Margaret G. McDonald, Donna Rohde, Adrian Hart, Janelle Baldwin, Julie Worley, Matt Wallace, Shawn Mobley, Brad Davidson, and Garvin O'Hare.

Chr. Baldwin called the meeting to order and requested approval of the minutes from September 13, 2021. Co. Hostetler motioned to approve the minutes. Chr. Oquist seconded. Motion carried.

Chr. Baldwin opened the meeting to public comment:

Morgan (Schlegel) Shedrick: a 4th generation family, she spoke of precedent... she is worried about government overreach and the long-term effects of the vaccine and feels that we should be able to make our own decisions on health care.

Samantha Graham: liberty is what she wanted to talk about, the government cannot take away the liberties given by the Bill of Rights. Our wishes are not being recognized and consent to medical attention should be voluntary.

Micah Summers: He and his wife are registered nurses; they will find out on 9/30 if they will still have a job. They feel that the law is unjust. His daughter is in the military, and she took the vaccine in protest to protect her way of life.

Kerry Froese: She thanked the board for listening to concerns of the citizens. During this pandemic 2 weeks have turned into 18 months, it is time for the citizens to take up the responsibility for our right to make our own decisions.

Kari Golliher: Retired military, her mother-in-law had to take the vaccine to keep her job, she feels that this is wrong and immoral.

Natalie Ridgewell: Colorado is a home rule State, this means that the power of local government can be shifted to local government without the need of a charter from the State. We have let the people of the city set the rules for us and we need to take that back.

Jack: People are concerned by the mandates and laws, we are still governed by the Constitution of the United States, we are protected by the Constitution, and this is a deprivation of rights.

Travis McMillan: He is an ICU nurse, there have been no changes in the protocols in treatment for COVID-19 even after 18 months. He is questioning the motivation of the vaccine mandates when the first ones are military, nurses, and police/law enforcement.

Stephanie Garbo: this is an experiment by the government. Any vaccine must have voluntary consent of the person/subject it is being given to, the mandates are not voluntary when they are using threats, force, and coercion to make people consent to the vaccine.

Rae Ann Waggoner: wanted us to be aware that not everyone in the front range is in favor of the vaccine. We are not alone.

Chr. Baldwin asked Adm in. White-Tanabe to present Resolution 2021-08 Opposing Mandates. The resolution will be recorded with the minutes Co. Oquist motioned to approve Resolution 2021-08. Co. Hostetler seconded. Motion carried.

Chr. Baldwin called for the approval of bills and payroll for September I through September 15, 2021. Co. Hostetler motioned to approve the bills and payroll. Co. Oquist seconded. Motion carried.

Admin. White-Tanabe presented a letter of appointment for Kathryn Schroeder, Special Assistant -Otero County Attorney to assist with the Board of Equalization. Ms. Schroeder has been hired for this before and the request is to hire her again. Co. Oquist motioned to approve letter of appointment. Co. Hostetler seconded. Motion carried.

Admin. White-Tanabe presented the sales tax report. The cumulative percentage of change is 18.13, month percent change is 6.62. County is doing well.

Adm in. White-Tanabe presented two letters of appointment to the EMS Council. The first one is for Troy Padilla of Southeast Health Group and the other is changing to at large for Hannah Mills. Co. Hostetler motioned to approve the two letters of appointment. Co. Oquist seconded. Motion carried.

Adm in. White-Tanabe presented the bid award for the rehabilitation project of the Masonic Lodge that houses the 16th Judicial DA's office. The first bid was from SM Construction, their bid was $900,236.00 the second bid was from Deep Roots Craftsman for $696,700.00. When the project was started both Bent and Crowley gave authority to Otero to make the decision as Otero has 60 percent of the project. The suggestion was to award the bid to Deep Roots Craftsman for $696,700.00. Co. Oquist motioned to approve the bid from Deep Roots Craftsman out of Fort Collins, CO. Co. Hostetler seconded. Motion carried.

Adm in. White-Tanabe presented The Non-Motorized Trail Project Grant application. This is to allow people to park on Hwy 50 and walk via trails to Bents Fort. Ms. Tanabe is asking for signature on a letter that will allocate $11,250.00 from the conservation trust fund to match with a $56,250.00 grant. Co. Hostetler motioned to approve signature on the letter. Co. Oquist seconded. Motion carried.

Danelle Berg presented a CEDS (Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy) document for signature and approval from the Board. Thirteen counties have been working together for 8 months to finalize a regional planning document to receive federal monies to help with the betterment of cities and towns in the thirteen-county region. The document must be redone every 5 years and it focuses on strengths and weaknesses of each area. It is a living document. Co. Oquist motioned to approve the CEDS document. Co. Hostetler seconded. Motion carried.

Clerk Scott presented for signature a renewal of liquor license for Felicia's Restaurant and Lounge. All documents were presented, and all fees were paid. There have been no issues with law enforcement, so the recommendation was made to approve the renewal. Co. Hostetler motioned to approve the renewal. Co. Oquist seconded. Motion carried.

Lex Nichols with Land Use/Road and Bridge reported that they are doing crack filling, and the chip seal, is mostly done.

They are starting with winter projects and working on a couple of bridges.

Sheriff Mobley reported that the department assisted with a grass fire and was able to use their new brush truck. They are working with Crowley and Bent County sheriffs, and local police chiefs to find grants for fighting fires and collaborating to take care of all areas.

Clerk Scott reminded everyone that we will be closed on November 2nd for all but elections and that our LAT's will be on Monday Oct 4th, 2021, at 9:00am.

Admin. White-Tanabe reported that along with the commissioners she has been working on preliminary budgets.

Co. Oquist reported that he attended an OPI meeting, they are trying to still get loan money out to businesses. He thanked Danelle for all her help.

Co. Hostetler attended an OCLI meeting, they are looking for a new gate attendant and are also working on a building project. Attended an Ark Valley Water Conservancy District meeting. They have a new resource specialist Brad Lumter and a new director in Matthew Carter. He spent most of Friday on a phone conference with CCI.

Chr. Baldwin mentioned that he attended via zoom a greenhouse gas meeting. He testified that big city rules do not fit with rural America.

Adm in. White-Tanabe made the announcement that on October 9th the Manzanola landfill along with the Health Department will be holding a Waste Tire Amnesty Day open to Otero County residents, from 9 am to 2 pm. (Waste Tire Amnesty Day Otero County Oct 9, 2021)

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