LJHS Drama Little Shop of Horrors Sacrifices Cast For Laughs

Description: Horror scene in the dentist’s office, left to right: Teagan Summers, Lilly Klein (playing the evil Dr. Orin Scrivello), Lexi Minck, Kaydence Lagergren. Victim: Bethany Taullie. (Photo Credit: Bette McFarren)

Published: 11/09/2021
Byline: McFarren

Cast and crew picture: Top row, left to right: Kaydence Lagergren, Lexi Minck, Teagan Summers; third row, left to right: Andrew Benjamin, Acynn Good-Coates, Noah Nunez-Rebel, Rachel Phillips, Ethan Malec, Lilly Klein; second row: Emiliano Hernandez, Isabella Ortiz, Bethany Taullie, Isadora Clark, Matthew Martinez; front row: LJHS Drama Director Stephen Matthews, Everett Ediger, Matt Avens, Kalila Orosco, Zoey Montoya and Leon Orosco-Martinez. 

LJHS Drama Little Shop of Horrors Sacrifices Cast For Laughs

By: Bette McFarren

What’s the perfect play for Halloween? The La Junta High School Drama Department found it: “Little Shop of Horrors.” When nobody else is in Mushnik’s Skid Row Florist Shop but him, Seymour (Noah Nunez-Rebel) discovers by accident that the strange new plant which looks like a Venus Fly-Trap, lives on human blood.

Principals Seymour (Noah Nunez-Rebel), Audrey (Rachel Phillips), Mushnik (Ethan Malec) at the counter of Mushnik’s Floral Shop on Skid Row.

Seymour is secretly in love with Audrey (Rachel Phillips) who has an abusive dentist for a boyfriend, Orin (Lilly Klein-dressed as a man). The blood and person-eating plant continues to get more aggressive, final shouting at Seymour, “Feed me!” The plant’s voice, truly horrifying, is done by Jonah Langston. So, when the evil dentist dies laughing from his own laughing gas in the torture scene, featuring Bethany Taullie as the victim, Seymour cuts him up and feeds him to the plant (cuts him up offstage, of course).

Little Shop of Horrors La Junta Theater SECO news seconews.orgNew York street people, left to right: Emiliano Hernandez, Isadora Clark, Isabella Ortiz, Bethany Taullie, Andrew Benjamin, Acynn Good-Coates.

Things get worse from there. Mushnik, owner of the floral shop, leans in too far and is the next victim, just after declaring Seymour his son and heir because the plant is attracting so many customers. Audrey and Seymour get together in a touching scene with the play’s featured song, “Suddenly Seymour.” The plant continues to gobble up the cast.

The Muses, Chiffon (Kaydence Largergren), Ronnette (Lexie Minck), and Crystal (Teagan Summers) keep up the pace throughout the play, and are so good they could go on the road as a trio.

La Junta High School Drama Little Shop of Horrors SECO News seconews.orgLa Junta High School Drama Director Stephen Matthews repairing roof that fell off between acts in dress rehearsal.

This is Director Stephen Matthews’ first presented play, and there are some innovations. The mics are gone, and the players are doing well with projecting their own voices. The La Junta High School Musical "Little Shop of Horrors" was good for some laughs and some outstanding horror tunes presented by a lively cast in Matthews' directorial debut.

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