Swink Drama Delivers Plenty of Laughs with Dogsbreath Devereaux Nov. 19, 20, 21

Description: Swink Drama Seniors Carlos Corale, Morgan Turner, Kate Cabrera, Bridget Briscoe, and Bethany Taullie leap in excitement while Luis Corale applauds. (Photo Credit: Adalynn Hart)

Swink Drama Delivers Plenty of Laughs with Dogsbreath Devereaux 

Written By: Adalynn Hart

     Swink High School Drama is back at it again with Mrs. Bonnie Grossen directing, Princess Peek helping back stage, Boss Chelle managing the kids, and Ms. Sigfried on music for their annual Fall play. This year it is Dogsbreath Devereaux the Dastardly Doctor (or-Nurses! Foiled Again) by Playwrite Billy St. John. 

As I watched dress rehearsal and interviewed the actors I learned that this play is full of puns and one liners. A crowd favorite is the Public Announcer because he delivers lots of punchlines. Many of the characters have puns for names for example: Dr. Phil Better, Lotta cash, Wendy March, I.V Drip, and Hilda Hatchet round out the cast.

Swink High School Drama

They made light of the usual hospital scene with many jokes and even some romance. Even through the heart break there is humor. One patient ate some pennies because she thought she was a piggy bank and another patient had an arrow through his head. Get ready for laughs, emergency room slapstick and lots of audience participation.

    You can go watch this production on Friday, Nov. 19 at 6:30 with a cookies and cream dessert for $10, Saturday, Nov. 20 at 6:30 for a dinner theater for $15, and Sunday, Nov. 21 at 1:30 with a dinner for $15. All 3 productions will be performed at the Swink High School Multi-purpose Room. If you are interested please contact C. Austin for tickets at (719) 469-3124 or Swink Schools at (719) 384-8103.

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