Otero Commissioners Revoke Land Use Permit from 2018

Description: The Otero County Commissioners revoked a special land use permit issued in 2018 during their regular Zoning and Land Use Meeting December 27, 2021. Current Picture of Property Provided by Otero County. (click play to watch the video)

Otero Commissioners Revoke Land Use Permit from 2018

Otero County Land Use Director Lex Nichols presented a request to revoke a special land use permit during the December 27, 2021 meeting at the Otero County Courthouse.

Special Land Use by Review Permit 653314-18 was issued to Steven Arnold, who made a request to have a modular, or permanent storage units, and a real estate office in an agriculture zoned district. He came before the commissioners in 2018 and made the request, which was approved.

He was not able to get water to the property, according to Nichols.

"He has sold the property and has not followed any of the stipulations from the permit so that's why the board recommended revoking the use by review permit - order of record was Steven Arnold."

Commissioner Rob Oquist said, "I move to approve the revocation of special land use permit #653314-18 here by revoked due to stipulations on the permit were never followed and the parcel of land has been sold."

Commissioner John Hostetler seconded the motion.

The motion was approved.

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