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Description: CPW District Wildlife Manager Steeve Keefer spoke with SECO News about the Oxbow State Wildlife Area in Southeast Colorado on About The Valley.

Published: 02/07/2022
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Information Provided By: CPW District Wildlife Manager Steeve Keefer

Oxbow State Wildlife Area SECO News seconews.org

The Oxbow State Wildlife Area is between US Hwy 50 and the Arkansas River in Otero County, just west of the Bent County line. The property also borders Bent’s Old Fort National Historic Site.

The property is about 440 acres and it includes river bottom riparian, farm fields, and weedy areas that provide for a variety of wildlife habitats.

The Oxbow is in game management unit 130.

This property provides opportunities to hunt for: deer, ducks, turkey, dove, and rabbit. Rarer hunting opportunities include: pheasant, quail, and goose, though any animal may be hunted there if in season with a proper license. There is roughly a mile of river with a few decent cat fish holes as well.

There are good wildlife watching opportunities on the Oxbow for birds of prey, deer, turkey, song birds, wood peckers, and water fowl.

The property is walk-in access only. There is a parking lot near the northwest corner, and one on the southeast corner.

Oxbow State Wildlife Area SECO News seconews.orgOne unique feature of the Oxbow is that it has a 100 yard range, near the middle of it, complete with shooting benches.

All wildlife areas are managed for wildlife, wildlife habitat, and wildlife related recreation; especially hunting and fishing. They are paid for by hunting and fishing licenses; not general tax money.

To be on a Colorado State Wildlife Area you are required to have a hunting license, fishing license, or wildlife area pass for everyone 16 years old and older.

Unless they are being used for hunting, dogs must be on a leash on all state wildlife areas.

These are your lands, enjoy them, and as you do please be courteous to other users and respect the wildlife and wildlife habitat.

Oxbow State Wildlife Area SECO News seconews.orgOn the Oxbow we are currently removing some of the dead trees from the river bottom. The brush is being turned into brush piles. There is a bit of firewood being made available due to this as well. The firewood is being left in the main, or west parking lot. This wood is available free to the public. For questions you may call Jeff Linenberger at 719-980-0009.

You can check our web site at cpw.state.co.us. for scheduled classes. You can also check on Facebook at Colorado Parks and Wildlife-Lamar.

Also the ice in Southeast Colorado is rarely safe. I would not trust it. It’s not just the thickness. The freezing and thawing cycles that we get makes the ice very fragile; under the wrong set of circumstances you can go through over a foot of ice.

This time of year the weather varies widely. Dress in layers. Bring a way of starting a fire if you are away from buildings and vehicles. If you get stuck in your vehicle, stay with it; it provides shelter and is easier to spot than a person on foot.

In the winter wildlife watching opportunities include: birds of prey, mountain blue birds, other song birds (many of which winter here), ducks, geese, eagles, coyotes, and pronghorn herds.

When you are on public land, drive on roads, keep dogs on leash, don’t litter, and recognize that there are other people using these lands as well.

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