Remembering Tim

Description: Tims Chapel, by Donnie Hollingsworth

Published: 07/27/2022
Byline: Hollingsworth

Remembering Tim

the life cycle of a sunflower field (it was like being

at a crucifixion

at a chapel

all facing the rising sun

loosing seeds as we looked away

greying in different directions

our faces turning brown

back into dirt

--getting stronger with each reflection

loosing seeds as we looked away

our grey heads seeing different nothings

(broken in small ways

these are the seeds for future generations

I keep starting

to dig (with every broken bone



blue skies

as it stormed inside

(because "truth" means starting over even after

I've translated him into wind and water

the previous year's seeds will be replaced

the flowering tops will be incised along a curved line

we must make sure everything is safe from the blackbird

as the wild ones climb

and climb


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