Otero County Commissioners Support 25 Million Grant Funded Hwy 50 Improvement Project

Description: The Commissioners said, We whole-heartedly support this project and request USDOT to prioritize MPDG grant funding for this worthy proposal.

During the regular public hearing on May 9th the Otero County Commissioners Unanimously voted to sign a letter of support for a US Hwy 50 improvement project that would add passing lanes across the Southeast Colorado Hwy 50 Transportation Corridor.

Otero County Administrator Amy White-Tanabe said, "Just recently there was a group of counties that were asked to consider a grant from the federal government, a 25 million dollar grant, it's to add passing lanes in Prowers, Bent and Otero Counties."

"It's six pairs, or twelve sections really, that will have some additional passing lanes. We all know we really want the four lanes, but I'm thinking the closer we can get to anything that's safer the better," White-Tanabe said.

"Otero County did agree to be the fiscal agent and actually the applicant for the project." White-Tanabe said, " This is a letter of support to hopefully receive this grant for 25 million."

"This is a few years out, this isn't going to happen tomorrow, but we're thrilled to be a part of it," White-Tanabe said.

The Otero Commissioners approved the following letter:

May 9, 2022

The Honorable Pete Buttigieg US Department of Transportation 1200 New Jersey Ave, SE

Washington, DC 20590

RE: FY2022 MPDG US 508 Safety Highway Improvements for Freight and Travel (SHIFT) grant proposal

Dear Secretary Buttigieg:

"The Otero County Board of Commissioners express their strong support for the US 50 SHIFT project under the FY2022 MPDG INFRA and Rural Surface Transportation grant programs. This project will construct 12 westbound and eastbound passing lanes along the corridor, ultimately improving driver and cyclist safety, operational efficiency, mobility, and transit travel along a critical freight corridor."

"US 50B is part of the National Highway Freight Network and is a State Highway Freight Corridor in Colorado's State Highway Freight Plan. Based on historic and projected population and employment levels, vehicular, transit, and freight traffic volumes will continue to increase and impact US 50B. This project will address many of the physical constraints on this road which will improve freight efficiency, safety for the traveling public, and enhance connectivity throughout Southeastern Colorado."

"Otero County, comprised of the steadfast communities that lie along this corridor value safety, systems preservation, and access to other areas. We depend on this route for freight transport, to facilitate tourism, recreation, and for the connection to natural resources for our economic livelihood. In the light of ever increasing volume of traffic and numbers of accidents on this route, it would be negligible to ignore the consequences of not expanding and improving this heavily travelled road."

"We whole-heartedly support this project and request USDOT to prioritize MPDG grant funding for this worthy proposal."

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