City of La Junta Economic Development Update June 2022

Description: An Update on Economic Development Projects for The City of La Junta from Economic Development Director Cynthia Nieb.

Published: 06/02/2022
Byline: Nieb
City of La Junta Economic Development Update June 2022
By: Cynthia Nieb, La Junta Economic Development, June 1, 2022
On Facebook, Cheryl Lindner recently provided the most profound comment I’ve heard in ages: “Years ago we were a village. Everybody looked out for one another. We need to go back to that. It takes a village. We gotta do better at looking out for each other instead of breaking each other down.”
This statement rings true. We need to listen more, condemn less, educate ourselves, be patient, confirm in abundance and don’t assume, navigate in the light of day rather than in cabals and backdoor deals, and put our neighbors and community first and our egos in the corner.
Attack mode communication doesn’t help anyone, and it paints a woeful picture. Root for the success of your neighbor. Let’s take the high road always.
Here's a brief update:
  • The Main Street Open for Business grants are in the final stretch with just one month left to complete the projects. We are in good shape with the progress made on all projects. (Read the previous article here: An Update on the Colorado Main Street Open for Business Grant)
  • We’ll have a new brand and annual strategic plan for La Junta Rise by June 2. La Junta Rise is our newly combined Colorado Main Street and Colorado Creative District. Two of the ongoing projects for La Junta Rise are the La Junta Cultural Creatives Survey ( and Itineraries for Fun Things to Do in La Junta. More to share soon. Please hit that link and fill out the survey!
  • Urban Renewal is creating 1-year, 3-year, and 5-year plans of action. Per Colorado State Statute, our focus must be blight and safety.  Blight is a concern of many La Juntans, as has been shown in numerous surveys.
  • The La Junta Certified Local Government’s Historic Downtown Survey (HDS) is almost finished! We’ll have a presentation by Amy Unger and Erika Warzel, our architectural historians, in June at our regular meeting to comment and finalize details. What is the LJ HDS? It’s a history of our built, social, and economic history of downtown La Junta. Rick Klein printed the whole shebang, and it fills a five-inch binder to the brim. I’ve skimmed most of the history, and it is a tribute to the people that made La Junta great. We’ll post a link for all to read the LJ HDS just as soon as the report is finalized.
  • Livewell Park has seating and shade now, and THE WIZARD OF OZ is gearing up for performances. We’re still waiting for some items that have been trapped in shipping delays, but we’re progressing! (Cast Announcement Here: Plays in The Park - Youth Led Theatre Announces Wizard of Oz Cast)
  • We have made a dent in the housing shortage with the SE six-county collaboration, and ground broke in Las Animas last week on the first unit. Other foci for economic development include incentives to draw in additional medical personnel, trades training, and blight mitigation. I’m meeting with the Gates Family Foundation at their annual board retreat in two weeks, and I’ll be asking for their advice on how to move forward with all these items. An Update on SCEDD and High Prairie Homes Project
Did You Know? Adam Thompson from The Copper Kitchen trains all of his new hires on the fine art of personal finance? He wants them to be happy and successful in and out of the workplace. Now that’s community caring and leadership!
Have a great June!

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