Plays in The Park - Youth Led Theatre Announces Wizard of Oz Cast

Description: Youth Theater Announces Cast for first production, The Wizard of Oz, which will be held at the new La Junta Livewell Park on Santa Fe Avenue. Production dates are July 15-17th at 3pm.

Published: 06/02/2022
Byline: Hart

Wizard of Oz Cast List

Directed by: Bridget Briscoe and Bethany Taullie

Dorothy: Maranatha Hoyt

Scarecrow: Kaydence Lagergren

Tin Man: Noah Nunez-Rebel

Lion: Jaron Hoyt

Toto: Joseph Ulloa

Glinda: Kalley Crouch

Miss. Gulch: Rachel Phillips

Wicked Witch: Emiliano Hernandez

Professor/Oz: Andrew Benjamin

Aunt Em: Trinity Brown

Uncle Henry: Ethan Malec

Hunk: Derek Powell

Hickory: Kyler Lagergren

Zeke: Kohen Lagergren

Munchkin Mayor: Amber Briscoe

Munchkin Corner: Sakura Nadeen Cole

Munchkin Tot: Aubriella Pineda

Munchkin Tough Kid: Derek Powell

Munchkin Barrister: Izzy Ortiz

Minchkin Chorus: Amber Briscoe, Sakura Nadeen Cole, Aubriella Pineda, Derek Powell, Izzy Ortiz, Jayla Ulloa

Crow: Chloe Nunez-Rebel

Apple Tree #1: Sakura Nadeen Cole

Apple Tree #2: Rachel Phillips

Apple Tree #3: Aubriella Pineda

Jitterbugs: Bella Salazar, Miah Rapp, Acynn Good-Coates, Chloe Nunez-Rebel, Izzy Ortiz, Sakura Nadeen Cole, Rachel Phillips, Jayla Ulloa, Andrew Benjamin

Doorman: Derek Powell

Guard: Ethan Malec

Emerald City Soloists/Chorus: Aubriella Pineda, Ethan Malec, Derek Powell, Kalley Crouch, Trinity Brown, Amber Briscoe

Nikko: Kohen Lagergren

Winged Monkeys: Chloe Nunez-Rebel, Jayla Ulloa

Winkie Guard Leader: Acynn Good-Coates

Winkie Guards: Bella Salazar, Miah Rapp, Izzy Ortiz

Tornado Dancers: Bella Salazar, Miah Rapp, Acynn Good-Coates, Chloe Nunez

Production dates: July 15-17th at 3pm

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