Southeast Colorado Antique Vehicle Club Newsletter June 2022

Description: Southeast Colorado Antique Vehicle Club Ice Cream Social July 5th at the La Junta City Park. Newsletter by Karen Menges.

Published: 06/21/2022
Byline: Menges

Southeast Colorado Antique Vehicle Club Newsletter June 2022

Up-Coming Events For 2022

Jun 24th – Friday – car show at Cottonwood Manor in Rocky Ford from 11:00 – 3:00p.m.

July 5th – Tuesday – Ice Cream social in the La Junta City Park – South Gazebo

July 9th – Saturday –Pueblo - Rosemont Car Show

July 15th – Friday – Missouri Days parade and car show

Aug 19th - Friday Arkansas Valley Fair Parade

Aug 20 & 21 – Sat. & Sun. – 4th Annual Custom & Classic Expo downtown Lamar

Aug 22- Sunday – Car Show after the AVFair ,Rocky Ford Railroad Park, downtown 11:00a.m. – 2:00p.m.

By Karen Menges Minute by minute Minutes for June 7, 2022

Right at 22 people attended the meeting and enjoyed the hamburger fry including 2 guests, Richard Wittman’s Aunt Sandy Alleman and Connie Martinez and Lee Fulbright’s niece Nikki Bernal. Meeting opened at 7:21p.m. with President Holt leading with the Pledge of Allegiance and Rethabel Huff giving the blessing over the meal.

Chuck Donkle motioned to accept May 3rd’s minutes with a second from Leonard Walgren. Carol Allen went over the treasurers’ report. Leonard Walgren motioned to accept the report as presented with a second from Connie Martinez.


James Huff went over the Tri-County car show in Rocky Ford. Around 45 vehicles were registered; 6 of our members participated. James Huff felt that for all the advertising done that the turnout should have been better.

Everyone sang Happy Birthday to Gary Caldwell once S L O W L Y and then sang it FAST the second time!


The city of La Junta is in the process of putting together a TRANTULA DAYS (similar to Early Settlers Day) October 8th the same day as the chuckwagon chili supper at the museum. Angela Ayala is in charge of putting this event together and would like to see a car club involved. Karen Menges will talk with Angela on the particulars and report back to the club. Chuck Donkle brought up having a Sonic Cruise night again. Sonic will donate 10% of the sales to the club. Suggested was to do this in August – the same night as the club meeting which would be Tuesday August 2nd. Karen Menges made a motion to do the Sonic Cruise on the same night as our monthly meeting with a second from Terry Menges. Cottonwood Manor of Rocky Ford contacted James Huff to see if the club would be interested in a simple car show for the residents on Friday June 24th, from 11:00a.m. to 3:00p.m.

Next two car shows coming up in July are Missouri Days on July 15th and the Rosemont on July 9th. Registration will be included in this newsletter.

Chuck Donkle is excited for the last of June 2023 to come! As the Studebakers are coming to La Junta! This is still in the planning stages but looks very promising. The antique car club is welcome to participate as Chuck explained The Studebakers will be in one area and BRAND X will be close by. If you were at this meeting, you would know what Brand X means! LOL

Meeting closed at 6:48p.m.

The BBQ began – THANK YOU again goes to Richard & Elaine Wittman for suppling and cooking the hamburgers/hot dogs! Everyone enjoyed the side dishes and desserts plus the fellowship!

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