2022 4th of July Wet & Dry Parade Yearbook Page

Description: Photo Gallery by Cindy Smith, Video Montage by Billy Jackson, Livestream Coverage with Adrian Hart, starring the People of Southeast Colorado.

Published: 07/12/2022
Byline: Smith

2022 4th of July Wet & Dry Parade Yearbook Page

The 2022 La Junta Chamber of Commerce 4th of July Wet & Dry Parade drenched downtown La Junta in an outburst of Independence Day exuberance. 

The parade route began at Santa Fe and 2nd street included two laps up Colorado Ave and back down Santa Fe Ave, this parade left a wake behind it.

Due to current water restrictions, the La Junta Fire Department wasn't able to open the hydrant at 4th and Colorado like last year. However, The LJFD brought out the brush truck to spray down the locals.

SECO News partnered with Lakeview MotoSports Park to bring down a 2,500 gallon tanker truck.

Larry White and the Lakeview MotoSports family invited SECO News to ride shotgun for a livestream.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife may have passed the boat inspection, but they were surprisingly drenched by the end of the parade.

Its a good thing the La Junta Tigersharks swim team was conditioned for all that water!

How do you win a waterfight against a pickup load of water? Bring a bigger boat...

The La Junta Chamber of Commerce delivered a great parade for the 2022 4th of July holiday. Chamber President Greg Kolomitz and LJCC Coordinator Timmery Foster took a photo op with SECO News during the parade lineup.

Watch the SECO News Video Coverage below...

Video By: Hugh Johnson Films

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Livetream Video with Adrian Hart:

Join SECO News for our Livestream Coverage of the 2022 Early Settler's Day Parade and More from Downtown La Junta on Saturday, September 10th.