La Junta Senior Golf Results August 30, 2022

Description: Waiting for team selections are John Lockhart, Bob Malden, Sudi Stokes, Mike Stokes, Jim Bonewell, (behind),Mark Johnston, Douglas Golding, Mackie O’Neal, Stan Lindsay

Published: 08/31/2022
Byline: Golding

La Junta Senior Golf Results August 30, 2022

1st        Fred Boettcher, Sudi Stokes, Paul Roman, Douglas Golding, Karen Tomky      28

2nd tie Jim Thayer, Pat Finkner, Mike Stokes, Dianna Milenski, Keith Waggoner         29

2nd tie Matt Perea, Claudia Conley, Virgil Lindsay, Alex Prosky, Gary Armitage           29

4th tie Carl Anderson, Mackie O’Neal, Cathy Bollacker, Mike Bauserman, Lyle Lough 31

4th tie Larry Herrera, Mary Lou Day, Mark Johnston, Jay Bollacker, Frank McKenzie  31

6th         Jim Baird, CaSandra Thomas, Bob Malden, Caroline Kibler, Stan Lindsay        32

7th     Rod Soden, Joy Grasmick, Marvin Kibler, Mark Weaver, John Lockhart     33

8th     Rob Tryon, Janet Crockett, Jim Bonewell, Bob May, Sharon Tashiro     34

The La Junta Senior Golf League met on August 30 with 40 players (eight teams of five players).  We played a scramble format for the nine holes, however, each player moved up to a closer tee box for three holes.  We also a challenge chip on hole #7, and a challenge putt on hole #4.  While no one made the challenge chip, sinking the challenge putt were Pat Finkner, Keith Waggoner, Alex Prosky, Cathy Bollacker, Mike Bauserman, Mary Lou Day, Larry Herrera, Rob Tryon, Janet Crockett, Rod Soden, and Stan Lindsay.

A reminder was made for the 2023 season.  Presently, the age limit for players is age 50 and above; in 2023 the age limit will be age 55 and above. Those players already playing in the league aged 50-55 will be grandfathered into the league and able to play in 2023.  Therefore, if any player age 50-55 starts during the next few weeks this season, they too will be grandfathered in.

On September 6, we will play a regular scramble format.  Register starting at 8:15-8:30 a.m.; play will begin at approximately 9:00 a.m.  Golfers cannot register later than when teams are being made at approximately 8:45 a.m. Call 469-0691 if you are coming by 9:00 a.m., but may be late to register. Fee to play is $10, green fees must be paid also if you are not a member of the La Junta Golf Club.

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