La Junta Senior Golf League - Results for June 18, 2024

Description: Attempting a very long putt on hole #7 are Rod Soden, Jay Bollacker. and Eric Jakus as Ron Bay tends the flag stick. (photo by Janet Golding)

Published: 07/02/2024
Byline: Golding

La Junta Senior Golf League - Results for June 18, 2024

The Senior Golf League participants met at the La Junta Golf Course on June 18, for nine holes of league golf.  There were 48 senior golfers present. We formed eight teams of 5 players and two teams of 4 players. We had two special putts on holes #2 and #7; if any golfer made either of those putts, their team could subtract one point.  They were hard putts and no one was able to subtract any points.  Our normal challenge chip was on hole #6, no one was able to make that chip. Our challenge putt on hole #4 was made by Cathy Bollacker, Frank McKenzie, Matt Perea, Bob May and Larry Herrera.

In two weeks on July 2, we will celebrate the Fourth of July with a strawberry pretzel dessert after play.

1st Place Tie: Scores of 30

Pat Engebrecht, Phillip Buford, Keith Waggoner, Joy Grasmick

Tom Aldea, Frank McKenzie, CaSandra Thomas, Cathy Bollacker, Bob Malden

3rd Place Tie: Scores of 31

Rob Tryon, Douglas Golding, Brad Swartz, Connie Buchner

Ross Bender, Bob May, Alex Prosky, Marvin Kibler, Dianna Milenski

5th Place teams: Scores of 32

Rod Soden, Ron Bay, Janet Golding, Eric Jakus, Jay Bollacker

Kevin Buchner, Matt Perea, Curt Kelly, Janette Bender, Jack Dillinger

Larry Herrera, Gary Armitage, John Lockhart, Bev Tucker, Kimi Kelly

8th Place tie: Scores of 33

Jim Baird, Mark Johnston, Lynn Bigham, Alan Root, Sharon Tashiro

Joe McClain, Mackie O’Neal, Frank Broce, Mary Lou Day, Sheila McClain

10th Place: Score of 34

Fred Boettcher, Dennis Golding, Nancy Golding, Albert Davis, Lyle Lough

Next week, June 25, our league will play a regular scramble game, but every golfer will get two mulligans to help better the team score.  We will begin sign up at 8:15 to 8:30 a.m. Teams are picked at 8:45 a.m. and play will begin at 9:00 a.m.   No one will be added to the teams after 8:45, when teams are picked; if running late, give Cathy a call or text at 719-469-0691 so you can be put on the list.


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