Swink Schools Basketball and Wrestling Announcement

Description: Swink Schools Basketball and Wrestling Announcement from Superintendent Kyle Hebberd Jan 14th, 2021.

Information from Superintendent Hebberd, January 14th 2021


The latest information from CHSAA indicates that we are still on schedule to begin season B (Girls and Boys Basketball and Wrestling).  We are currently considered to be in the Orange level on the COVID Dial.  This limits our indoor seating for events to 50 people.  This number does not include players, officials, scorekeepers, etc. involved in the management of the game.  Unfortunately it does include any students not involved in the current game.  Boys watching the girls game would count toward the 50 spectator limit and vice versa.  This CHSAA/CDPHE requirement could be managed in different ways. Boys and girls not playing could be sent to another location, bus, classroom or other.  Boys and girls could be played in different locations.  For example if Swink was scheduled to play in Rocky Ford the boys games could be played in Rocky Ford and the girls games in Swink. Even with this option fan access would be limited.  Each team is allowed 12 on a roster so for teams with a full roster if the varsity girls remain in the gym while the JV game is played 24 (varsity roster of 12 X 2 teams) of the 50 fan seats are taken up by the girls watching their teammates play.


The Santa Fe league consists of 10 teams playing out of 7 different counties and 6 different health jurisdictions each with different restrictions in place.  In an effort to provide some consistency in game management across the league the Superintendents of the Santa Fe league met to formulate some common procedures for playing games within the league. It was agreed that the league would prioritize keeping students in the gym allowing kids to play in front of their peers and friends.  Unfortunately given the limited capacities allowed at this time this will mean no fans onsite at the games.  Each team will provide a live stream of the games so that fans will be able to watch the games in real time from home. Most are recorded and will be available later as well.  Some of the teams will make games available through networks that will require a subscription either per game or monthly at a minimal cost.  Swink home games and wrestling matches will be available through our Swink News Youtube channel.


This is by no means a perfect solution and certainly not what we would have hoped for at this time.  From the start of this school year the number one priority of the Swink School District has been to keep students in the building learning.  The District realizes the importance of extra curricular activities to students and their families and is working to develop and follow procedures to allow those activities to move forward in a way that will not jeopardize our ability to remain in the classroom.  For months I have talked to parents who have told me “I just want the kids to be able to play”.  This is clearly not what we all hoped for but it will allow the kids to not only play but to play in front of their friends and their peers.  We can and will revisit these procedures if and when seating capacities increase or decrease.  Games played with teams from outside the league will be played based on procedures in place for the home site.  JH BB will be played during the HS B season boys first and then girls the seasons will be separate but have some overlap.  JH games will be played under the same procedures as the HS games. I sat in on a meeting this morning (Jan. 14) With CHSAA, CDPHE, and a host of superintendents and others for a long and far ranging discussion on mask wearing for basketball during competition.  The short summary of the conversation is that it appears for now the requirement remains. 


While this is not how any of us would have wanted it to look I encourage everyone to focus on the positives.  Those kids who want to will have the opportunity to get on the court and not only play but play in front of their friends and classmates.  They can get together after games and relive the stories of their on court heroics with their friends who were there to see it happen.  That is not a small thing.

Mrs. Benedict will be in touch as we learn more about what our non-league road contests might look like.