Rocky Ford Schools - Season B Spectators

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Kermit Snyder

JAN 14, 2021

CHSAA, in cooperation with the Colorado Department of Public Health, has approved the start of Season B for high school sports. This news was shared in December. The first half of January has been occupied with receiving further guidance and with planning the details. For Rocky Ford athletes, Season B includes wrestling, basketball, and girls swimming.

One of the biggest questions was whether spectators will be allowed to attend the sports events. This decision will vary from place to place and will be based on the county’s current status on Colorado’s COVID Dial. All of the teams in the Santa Fe League reside in counties that are in level Orange on the COVID Dial as of right now. Under level Orange, the attendance at seated indoor events is limited to either 25% of the capacity of the venue or 50 people, whichever number is smaller. Rocky Ford’s high school gym has a capacity of 912 and 25% of that would be 228 people. However, the limitations on the COVID Dial still restrict us to 50 people total while in level Orange. The school district has also been advised that anyone sitting in the stands will count against the cap of 50 people. This includes athletes who are waiting for their turn to participate or have already taken their turn and are simply waiting for the conclusion of the event.

Therefore, while Otero county is in level Orange, Rocky Ford School District will not be able to allow any spectators at wrestling or basketball home events. After accounting for all of the student athletes who will be in the stands from both the home and visiting teams, there will be no more room under the 50-person cap. This is likely to be consistent throughout the Santa Fe League because, as previously mentioned, each of the schools in the Santa Fe League reside in a county that is currently in level Orange.

If an exception is made for high school sports events and school districts are allowed to have more people in attendance at indoor events, a separate announcement will be shared about the number of fans that can be present and how the tickets will be distributed. The same type of announcement will be shared if Otero county advances into level Yellow or better which would be accompanied with more leniency with the number of spectators that could be present.

Regardless of the limitations on spectators, Rocky Ford School District will livestream sports events to YouTube. A Hudl camera has been installed in the gym and gives the school district the ability to schedule livestream events. The link to watch the livestream on YouTube will be placed on the district’s website on the home page.

The district would like to wish the best of luck to our student athletes for Season B. It is a good thing that CHSAA and CDPHE were able to come to an agreement to allow our students to benefit from participation in organized athletics. The cooperation of the schools and our fans will ensure that this opportunity is not removed from our students. Thank you to everyone who supports our students and the sports teams and thank you for advocating for them! Any questions or concerns should be directed to Dr. Snyder, Superintendent.