Zebadiah Palmer a.k.a. Zehb Memorial Page

Description: Denver mural and graffiti artist Zehb of TAF Crew has passed away. Zehb is known for being a founding artist with Denver's long-running Crush Art Event, The Rhino Art District, and La Junta's "The A.R.T. Project."

Published: 12/06/2022
Byline: SECO News

Zebadiah Palmer a.k.a. Zehb Memorial Page

Zehb's Daughter has set up a GoFundMe page (link below) for funeral expenses.

"He was heavily involved and interconnected in the graffiti, tattooing, and festival community, but his relationships with others span far and wide as he was truly such a multifaceted individual and relatable to so many."

"Those that knew him understand that his lifestyle didn’t provide any financial stability. Given his passion for freedom and art, he chose to live project to project earning income where he could and usually just enough to make ends meet. He also donated his time creating art for others and helping aid their spiritual journey."

"Subsequently, that has left myself and my family with virtually nothing to fund the many expenses involved in planning the services to commemorate him and celebrate his life." - Elexis Palmer

RIP... Rest In Paint my brother ZEHB!!!

We were lucky enough to have you grace our town with your talents!!  Love Always!! - The A.R.T. Project (Photos by Zeke Ayala)

Zehb_1 Instagram

Zehb and his art are seen in several videos here: The A.R.T. Project YouTube Playlist

(Photo by Rey Garcia)

A GoFundMe page has been set up by his family here:



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