About The Valley: Trent Loos of Rural Route Radio LJCC Banquet Keynote Speaker

Description: SECO News Publisher Adrian Hart interviews LJCC Banquet Keynote Speaker ag radio personality Trent Loos at The Copper Kitchen in La Junta.

Published: 01/31/2022
Byline: Hart

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SECO News: This is Adrian Hart with your Southeast Colorado News on seconews.org and we're at one of my favorite La Junta restaurants The Copper Kitchen, just off of Colorado Avenue. We're with the keynote speaker for the La Junta Chamber of Commerce 120th Annual Banquet, that's of course coming up tonight at the Otero College there at the Jim Rizzuto Ballroom.

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SECO News: With me is keynote speaker Trent Loos. Trent, you're kind of a renowned radio guy in the region, huh?

Trent Loos: You can't believe what you hear on the internet, Adrian, you know that. But first of all you oughta get yourself a little coffee, oh you've got some.

SECO News: See what I'm doing. I'm nursing it, I know how to do an interview.

Trent Loos: If you're drinking then you gotta drink! 

SECO News: Well cheers to that! Certainly, I appreciate you taking the time to talk with us and come into town. From what I understand the Chamber is giving you a little tour of the neighborhood.

Trent Loos: No, not The Chamber, Julie. 

SECO News: Julie - All the way.

Trent Loos: I'm on the Julie tour, I just show up say when how and now. 

SECO News: Okay, we couldn't get her on camera...

Trent Loos: We couldn't do this without her.

SECO News: I know we wouldn't be here without her.

Trent Loos: She's like the glue that holds it all together.

SECO News: For sure, you nailed it.

Trent Loos: I'm a quick learner.

SECO News: I'll bet that's what you do on your programs, do you want to tell us a little bit about Rural Route Radio?

Trent Loos: Sure, I do four different radio programs everyday and Loos Tales was actually the flagship started 22 years ago this year, and it was very similar to what you're doing actually, Adrian with SECO News and that is to share the stories of the people and places in rural America that truly make it what it is. And often overlooked and my evolution through that in 22 years has actually been to not just tell the story of rural America but how rural and urban America must come together as we continue to go forward through this very trying time in our nation's history. 

SECO News: Well alright, certainly I appreciate you coming to town and telling some of those tales, I hope you get some stories to tell out of La Junta.

Trent Loos: I hope so too. Julie has just kept me in a little cage and won't let me get out and meet the people. I don't know, maybe I should hang with you the rest of the day?

SECO News: There we go, we could go see what's happening on the side of highway 50, or maybe go see what's flooding. Typically I go out of town and people say, "Oh you must be here because we are flooding somewhere."

Trent Loos: I haven't seen water for three weeks!

SECO News: We aren't in the high water over here, but our boots are covered. Adrian Hart with Trent Loos, we're going to have live coverage of his keynote speech this evening. Trent, anything you want to add?

Trent Loos: Yes I do want to add one thing. We want to thank that guy and everybody else who has protected our freedom and enabled our ability to continue to gather in 2022, the young man sitting down there with the United States Marines retired cap on. We are only here able to do this thanks to their efforts and sacrifice.

SECO News: Thank you so much Trent, you really nailed it and you're sitting in the right spot to bring that up, of course they have a place setting here at The Copper Kitchen for our area veterans to come by and get a meal on The Copper Kitchen for their service in providing our freedom.

Trent Loos: I am a little worried though now because I just pointed at a veteran Marine, who knows it's not polite to point and I wonder when he's going to come over here.

SECO News: There we go. Thank you so much Trent.

Trent Loos: It's my pleasure.

SECO News: I really appreciate it. I'm Adrian Hart and this is "About The Valley."

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