Otero Sheriff Reports To Commissioners 6/27/22

Description: The Otero County Sheriff Reported an Increase of Child Pornography Cases in Otero County during the Otero County Commissioner's Regular Public Hearing on June 27, 2022. (Press Play to Watch the Video)

Published: 06/27/2022
Byline: SECO News

Otero Sheriff Reports To Commissioners 6/27/22

Otero County Sheriff Shawn Mobley reported to the county commissioners during their regular public hearing on June 27, 2022.

Mobley expressed that he was thankful for the moisture with the recent rain, however he did not expect it to negate the current burn ban conditions. He also said that one of the counties brush trucks was currently down with a pump issue. He expected an update from the Otero County shops today.

He reported that the Otero Sheriff's Office currently has job openings for patrol officers and jailors.

Mobley reported that Dominic Mondragon will be sponsored through a grant program for tuition reimbursement for the police academy.

"On patrol we're seeing a significant increase in some more complex criminal investigations, specifically child porn related cases," Mobley said.

"They're problematic for us because we need to bring in additional agencies, like the FBI, CBI and so forth down to assist us with those investigations because neither the sheriff's office or district attorney's office have the resources to properly deal with the cases," Mobley said.

"We've seen a significant spike in those cases," according to Mobley.

Animal complaint cases have been on the rise, specifically complaints regarding Dogs, Mobley said.

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