Southeast Colorado Veterinarians Facing Staff Shortages

Description: Finding medical care for furry companions in Southeast Colorado has become a challenge due to staff shortages across the Arkansas Valley. We spoke with several local veterinarian offices about the issue.

Published: 07/22/2022
Byline: SecoNews

Southeast Colorado Veterinarians Asking Community for Patience

Pet lovers in Southeast Colorado will have to practice patience when searching for medical treatment as local veterinarians face staff shortages.

Longtime veterinarian Dr. Dale Davis has recently retired leaving many pet owners seeking services for their furry companions.

Dr. Larry Krugman passed away in April of 2021, Dr. Jayne Aldrich has taken on the office and it's clients and they are actively providing veterinary services excluding ear trims and broken bones, according to staff. Krugman Small Animal Clinic is actively looking for a receptionist.

SECO News spoke with Dr. Tracy Taullie at the Arkansas Valley Animal Hospital in La Junta regarding the shortage of veterinarians in Southeast Colorado. 

According to Taullie, many veterinarian offices are facing staff shortages, including a lack of licensed veterinarians in leadership roles.

Taullie is asking the community to be patient as local veterinarians try to accommodate as many clients as possible. 

The shortages are even affecting the Pueblo market as many clinics are not accepting new clients. Some community members have even had to commute to Colorado Springs for emergency veterinarian services.

Several local offices are currently looking for licensed veterinarians, technicians and even office help, including the Arkansas Valley Animal Hospital and Krugman's Small Animal Clinic. 

Taullie said, "Right now our goal is to serve current clients as effectively as we can, while continuing to train and hire staff."

Peakview Animal Hospital in Fowler declined to comment.

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