144th Arkansas Valley Fair SECO News Yearbook Page

Description: Featuring photos by Ashley Bass Photography... 2021 Events Results... Livestream Coverage with SECO News Publisher Adrian Hart.

Published: 08/16/2022
Byline: Bass

144th Arkansas Valley Fair SECO News Yearbook Page

The People of Southeast Colorado celebrated their culture and rich agricultural heritage at the 144th Arkansas Valley Fair in Rocky Ford, Colorado. 

The longest consecutively running County Fair in the state brings together the community for competition and comradery in August each year.

This gallery features senior photos at the 2021 fair by Ashley Bass Photographyand Livestream Coverage of the Parade and Watermelon Pile and Rocky Ford Museum What is It? Contest with Adrian Hart. 

Keep scrolling this page to see last year's AVF Results articles, including the demolition derby, Arkansas Valley Fair Car Show, and more...

Join The SECO News Contributors at the 145th Arkansas Valley Fair. SECO News is Restomod Media, Built Not Bought by The People of Southeast Colorado. Learn More About The Arkansas Valley Fair's History in an upcoming article by Kellen Cutsforth in the Today is History Category.

144th Arkansas Valley Fair SECO News Results Articles:

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SECO News Livestream Coverage:


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