Rocky Ford Museum at the 145th Arkansas Valley Fair

Description: Stop by the Exposition Building at The Arkansas Valley Fair to play the What Is It Game!

Published: 08/15/2022
Byline: Hart

Rocky Ford Museum at the 145th Arkansas Valley Fair

The Rocky Ford Museum invites you to join them at the Arkansas Valley Fair August 17 - 20 in the Exposition Building. While there they will be displaying history films including Livestream footage of the Night at the Museum with Sally Cope and Jeannie Swink Johannes and the history of the watermelon pile and Arkansas Valley Fair.

The Rocky Ford Museum is holding their annual "what is it" contest at the EXPO Building during the 145th Arkansas Valley Fair. There are unidentified items from the Museum on display, fill out the entry form with the correct guesses for a chance to Win. The winner receives two (2)  #1 meals from Mission Deli. Make sure to stop by and enter to the contest!

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