Bent County Sheriff Arrest/Court Report 8/25/22

Description: The Bent County Sheriff’s Office Released the following report on August 25, 2022.

Published: 08/25/2022
Byline: SECO News

Bent County Sheriff Arrest/Court Report 8/15-8/19/22

The Bent County Sheriff’s Office will be posting the following information at the end of each week. The information will include who was arrested, when they were arrested, why they were arrested, the classification of the offense, and the judge who issued the bond. 

By sharing this information with the public weekly, the sheriff’s office aims to provide access for the public to see what is happing in the courtroom. 

Everyone is presumed innocent until proven guilty in the court of law.

Arrest Report: Date, Name, Charges, Bond Type - 8/14/22-8/21/22

8/15/2022 Rosanna Gallegos - Second degree burglary (F3), Resisting arrest (M2), $2,000.00 Personal Recognizance

8/15/2022 Timothy Heffernan - Felony Menacing-real/simulated weapon, $5,000.00 Personal Recognizance

8/15/2022 Rachel Outman - DV Alleged, Harrasment strike/shove/kick, $1,000.00 Personal Recognizance

8/15/2022 Jessica Peters - Controlled Sub-poss Wit sch 1/2 14-225g, Controlled Sub-poss >4 G Sch 1/2, Not advised yet

8/18/2022 Vanessa Tafoya - Failure to Comply, $10,000.00 Cash/Surety/Property

8/19/2022 Danny Bowlin - Motor Vehicle Theft/agg 2-$2000-$20,000, Failure to Appear Burglary 2-of Dwelling, Violation P/o-civil, Crim, $1,000.00 Personal Recognizance

8/19/2022 Bryan Harpin, Burglary, 2 of Dwelling, Violation of p/o civil, Criminal Possession of a financial device, one device, $5,000 Cash or Surety Bond

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