Lamar Fire Department VS Structure Fires 1/13/23

Description: The Lamar Fire Department Released the following report regarding a structure fire January 13, 2023. (Photos Courtesy of Lamar Fire Department)

Published: 01/14/2023
Byline: SECO News

Lamar Fire Department VS Structure Fires 1/13/23

At 1944 Thursday night, Lamar Fire was dispatched to a reported fire involving a house, outbuilding, and a camper. Engine 6 and Quint 1 responded first due.

Captain Mendenhall had Prowers County Dispatch send a second tone for a working fire. When Engine 6 arrived on scene, it reported to side C in the alleyway where the heaviest fire was located.

Quint 1 established a supply line for Engine 6 from the intersection of 10th and Elm. Truck 1 responded to the scene and was placed in the street on side A.

The fire had breached into the house and was actively running through the house. Engine 6 was already operating its Blitz nozzle and multiple 1 3/4 inch hand lines. The crews made the decision to go defensive with the Fire conditions.

The crew deployed Truck 1’s ladder and began using the monitor to darken the fire. Engine 5 reported to Oak and 9th to establish supply line for Truck 1. Truck 1 deployed an 1 3/4 inch and 2 1/2 inch lines to darken the house from Side A. Engine 6 and Truck 1 were able to get the fire knocked after approximately 30 minutes of deploying large diameter nozzles.

The crews spent approximately three hours to mop up and ensure all hotspots were mitigated. Lamar Ambulance transported a patient and a firefighter to PMC for assessment. Responding apparatus was Engine 6, Quint 1, Truck 1, Engine 5, Engine 2, Rescue 1, Med 3, Med 2, Med 6, and FRU3.

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