Bent’s Fort Chapter of Santa Fe Trail 2022 Member of the Year

Description: The 2022 Bent’s Fort Chapter of The Santa Fe Trail member of the year award was presented to Tom Coffield by Larry Bourne President and the award featured Art by Linda Bourne.

Published: 01/15/2023
Byline: SECO News


Pack Mule/Oxen/Worker Bee

Our 2022 Member of the year is always willing to lend a helping hand or take you to a place you’ve never seen before. As you are going, he will point out “just right over there or just around this bend is this or that, or that’s where someone lived." His knowledge of Southeast Colorado and I am sure other places as well is undisputable the best. He has led tours to Picketwire Canyon, went on Dinosaur Digs, Cattle Drives, and other events too numerous to list. Even though his love for Southeast Colorado and this country is without a doubt is unequaled, he cherishes the love of his family even more.

If you have been lucky enough to go on one of his adventures, you most likely experienced a five-star luncheon of boiled or pickled eggs, a sandwich, some kind of fruit and all the water you can drink. Now he has only one rule before he will take you on one of his wonderful trips, “he needs five minutes to put his boots and hat on” and when you get there the only thing I could say is WOW!

The 2022 year’s member of the year award goes to Tom Coffield.

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