The Breakout Podcast - Premier Episode

Description: Damon Nichols breaks the traditional business blueprint in multiple endeavors and in The Breakout Podcast he shares his form breaking approach to life.

Published: 01/26/2023
Byline: SECO News

The Breakout Podcast Premier Episode

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The Breakout Podcast Premier Episode

Local author talks about his upcoming book The Breakout Blueprint. La Junta serial entrapanuer and restaurant owner, Damon Nichols breaks the business blueprint in multiple business endeavors.

In this premier episode Damon introduces The Breakout Podcast and hosts SECO News Publisher Adrian Hart and they discuss the new book as well as the remodel and reconstruction of The Creekside Smokehouse, which was devastated by fire a year ago.


Welcome to it. The first episode of the Breakout podcast. I should let Damon introduce it. Damon Nichols with us. He's the author of the Breakout Blueprint and we just unboxed all of his new podcast equipment. So we're gonna be hearing more from Damon in his regular Breakout Podcast. So we're gonna carry that on SECO News.

You're gonna put it on Spotify, and all the major platforms, YouTube it'll be out there everywhere. Exactly. We're gonna walk you through how to do that. And we're gonna, of course help you roll that into the SECO News Network so all of our local folks get to see what you're doing with your various business endeavors.

That's the thing that's amazed me, is you see the barbecue restaurant that the locals really know about, and you guys are under this major construction process right now. It's settled down a little bit. They were running a saw earlier. And what are you guys working on now? Tell us, us us about right now we're getting ready to do the Epoxy, the bar top and the countertop.

We've got Morgan and Sons here. They're putting in a they put in the front door and the side door. And they got Danny and Isaac getting ready to help me.

We're just about ready to start putting out epoxy. So that's what we're working on here. We've done quite a bit in the last few days and you can see Danny there in the background.

Working on that trim. But he's been working away. He, we said just continue on if you gotta bang on something, bang on it. Yeah, that's it. Don't run the saw. . . Yeah. The saw is a little loud, but yeah, we're moving along here. This place is coming along and I'm just really glad to see it open.

That's the air compressor. That's part of it. So anyway, yeah, as he said, this is my first podcast the first of many. This will be a weekly thing. It'll be the Breakout Podcast. I'll be interviewing a lot of different people. I've got some things coming up and yeah, I'll be talking about the book.

I've got a lot of fitness stuff coming up and just basically it's gonna be a big self-improvement podcast. How can you break old beliefs get out of bad habits and, it's all about becoming the best version of you that you can. And I've got people that are really in that field and some of my close friends, that's what they work really hard at trying to be the best version of themselves that they can be.

Yeah, that's that's very much the way I try to roll with it too. If you're, whatever industry you're in, you want to be good at what you. And you want to be the guy winning in that industry, right? And we got the sign over here says the best barbecue in town. So we're gonna have some of that in a little bit.

Yeah. Yeah. I think I foresee myself being here on this podcast, a couple episodes down the road and eating some barbecue with you and talking about your other business. Of course. The storage construction. Tell us about Midwest Steel Builders. Now there's gonna be some content about what's going on with those guys, cuz that's your national company?

Yeah that company's getting really big and we're in pretty high demand. There's a lot of people out there wanting storage sheds. I'm putting in a bid for some buildings in Alaska, so Oh, wow. That may be that just came in this morning. So it's a project that's been in the works for probably a year and a half, almost two years now.

So it's finally coming to fruition. Yeah. Yeah. There you go. Oh man. Jinx you owe me a beer. Yeah.  Anyways  we've got a lot of stuff coming up. We got a lot of people wanting to build buildings. We've got some storage shed conventions coming up too.

So you've got a big presentation you're gonna be giving. Yeah, we've got one in New Orleans coming up, so anybody can look that up. If you can go on my Facebook and you'll see there's some information about that on there. But yeah, I will be speaking at that one.

Very cool. We can put your info from Facebook in the article with the podcast okay. Folks can check that out too. Yeah, there'll be some some really good information out there. Great networking advice. Joe Evangelist will be out there. Okay, cool.

So I was impressed with the video you posted the other day where you guys were shoveling the snow off of the storage shed roofs so you could install gutters.

Yeah. So tell us about that job. Oh yeah, that one was horrible. That was one of the worst jobs I did physically and mentally. We were out in Flagstaff and we ended up getting pounded out there the last day there. How many days a year does Flagstaff, Arizona get snow? They get out, every, I don't know, 15 to 20 years maybe, I don't know.

We got 40 inches in three days and it was horrible. So we were, the night it came in, we were at like a day and. From being done. And that day and a half stretched out to be, I think five, four or five days. But yeah, it was pretty bad. But, gotta hand it to my guys. They stuck with me.

They stayed out there. They worked, we worked out there Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and it was 50 mile an hour wind and we got a foot and a half one day and we were out there in it every bit of the day and, Yeah, but we trudged through it until we were done. We finished it up and, we had to shovel a foot of snow off of nine buildings to put gutters on.

We did, we stayed till the very end and got done. It was just, it wouldn't be worth leaving to go back for another day, pack up, seven guys and hit home and then go back out there. Yeah. Double your expenses on your travel cost and all that. Yeah I've had to do that on some other jobs and it was, it just, I ended up losing money on it.

So yeah, it's one of those you can't have triumph if you don't face challenge. So we faced that challenge. We got through it and it makes the other ones not so bad, so hopefully That's right. That's right. When it snows. We appreciate the summertime, right?  We'll be heading into spring here.

This is it's nice here. It's what, 35, 40 degrees? Yeah. Colorado. That's short sleeve weather for this guy. It's good weather for you. He doesn't even have. Sleeves. No short sleeves. I don't mind it, but the wind is the kicker, man. You get a little bit of wind and Yeah, it's horrible. You can't put those buildings up in the wind, so aside from rough conditions, business is booming, growing, expanding, you're putting bids in Alaska. Yeah. That's crazy. For a La Junta based business. Yeah. That I think that's phenomenal. Yeah. That's worth sharing with our local community. So the breakout bot brought , the breakout podcast. You're gonna be breaking out of the valley, but we'll make sure that we keep our valley audience tuned in through SECO News Cooperation, so very cool. Damon. Yeah. Yeah. Anything you want to add?

This is like groundbreaking here for the Breakout Podcast. We're getting ready to, we should be open up here and I'm hoping sometime in February we're getting real close. We will be having a grand reopening.

People can look for that. We've got, I don't know what all that's gonna hold. I'm hoping to, get a band out here, get some entertainment. Gotta get some entertainment. And yeah. So watch for announcements in future episodes of the Breakout Podcast and of course watch for it on

Creekside Smokehouse, one of our founding advertising contributors supporting us since we started. And thank you for that support, Damon. Yeah, I tell you, I had a blast. The helping you unbox and plug in these microphones and yeah, it was cool. I, this is all new to me. I've been, in the music industry and done a lot of recording and been.

All of that kind of stuff. But this was, little bit different stuff, but it was exciting. Yep. Breaking out the new mixer and the mics and all of the new equipment. It was, yeah,  I was almost immediately jealous of this mixer. I said, you mean I could plug this thing into my phone? Yeah.

Pretty sweet. Yeah. That's very sweet. So we'll be working on more Breakout Podcasts coming up, and I think I'm gonna be copying your microphones. I'll be ordering some of these. I'm gonna be building a studio in downtown La Junta for SECO News and our program About The Valley and I think we're probably gonna have the Breakout Podcast filmed a couple times down there too, okay. Yeah, we'll have you over at our place and we'll be back for some great barbecue. The best in town Creekside Smokehouse. And we're gonna find out more about your national expansion of your La Junta based construction business and any, anything else we want to talk. No, I think that's about it for now.

Just, look for us, we're gonna be we're gonna be out and about and yeah. This thing will get big. We're gonna, we're gonna push it. We've got a lot of good people behind us and uh, a lot of support. Yep. We're gonna be talking about an upcoming book signing.

Yeah. For the Breakout Blueprint by Damon Nichols, La Junta Local. And I'm in the editing process of that right now. I've got the covers. All of that's done just putting some final touches on it, so Very cool. We'll be back to talk about it and of course let people know how they can get their copies too.

Yeah, so anybody that may be interested in doing this Mike Fk is the guy. He's got the million dollar million dollar book company. It's also Dream Caster Publishing. Very cool Dream Caster publishing soon, I believe. I hope I didn't chop that up. He's got a lot of stuff.

You can look up Mike Fall. He's on my Instagram and Facebook Very cool. He's a great guy and if you want to get out there and get some exposure, that's the way to do it. All right. Cool. We'll be talking about connections in the industry for all you budding authors in the area.

We can help connect you with some folks that can make that happen. And of course we're gonna watch Damon Lead the Way with the breakout blueprint right here on All right. Yeah. There we go. For. Damon Nichols, the people of Southeast Colorado on the Breakout Podcast Premier Episode. I'm Adrian Hart.