Birth Announcement Memphys Jones Medina

Description: We welcome Memphys Jones Medina to the Southeast Colorado Community... Congratulations to his parents, family, and loved ones...

Published: 03/10/2023
Byline: SECO News

Birth Announcement Memphys Jones Medina

Liberty Don and German Giovan Medina of Springfield, Colorado are excited to announce the birth of their son Memphys Jones Medina born on February 27, 2023 at 8:45 am. Weighing 6lbs. 10.1oz. and measuring 18.25 inches long. He was delivered by Dr. Rittmueller at the Arkansas Valley Regional Medical Center in La Junta, Colorado.

His siblings Dakota Mort, age 18, Gunnar Mort, age 16, Jaylee Mort, age 14, Amelia Mort, age 19, and Maveryck Medina, age 2, with Grandparents Brad and Dona Meltabarger of Springfield, Colorado, Jeff and Melonie Self of Springfield, Colorado and Frank Medina and Larmen Hernadez of Springfield, Colorado await his arrival at home.

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