Free Firewood Available at Oxbow Wildlife Area from Colorado Parks and Wildlife

Description: Colorado Parks and Wildlife offering FREE Firewood at the Oxbow Wildlife Area...

Published: 03/14/2023
Byline: SECO News

CPW: Free Firewood Available at Oxbow Wildlife Area

Colorado Parks and Wildlife Oxbow Wildlife Area SECO News

John Noe and Colorado Parks and Retired Wildlife District Manager Steeve Keefer stand in the wood and brush piles at the Oxbow Wildlife Area on the Arkansas River in Southeast Colorado in 2022.

On the Oxbow we are currently removing some of the dead trees from the river bottom.

The brush is being turned into brush piles.

There is a bit of firewood being made available due to this as well.

The firewood is being left in the main, or west parking lot.

This wood is available free to the public. For questions you may call Jeff Linenberger at 719-980-0009.

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