La Junta PD + Otero Sheriff VS Illegal Fireworks

Description: The La Junta Police Department and Otero County Sheriff's Office are seeking information regarding the recent use of illegal fireworks in La Junta and North La Junta. If you have any information please contact LJPD at (719) 384-2525 or OCSO at (719) 384-5940.

Published: 09/18/2023
Byline: SECO News

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La Junta PD + Otero Sheriff VS Illegal Fireworks

September 16th at 11:11 PM the La Junta Police Department received two reports regarding a loud explosion towards the Eastside of La Junta. Reporting Party One said the loud boom came from near the city water tower, while Reporting Party Two stated they heard a large explosion near La Junta High School and Adams Avenue.

While responding to the call a La Junta Police Officer saw a firework go off near the water tower, after investigation, he was unable to locate the responsible party.

On September 17th beginning at 9:50 PM La Junta Dispatch heard reports of a loud explosion from three callers. One Reporting Party said it sounded like a shotgun or electric transformer explosion, while the others reported a loud boom.

The same evening, Otero County Sheriff's Office received a report of a loud boom in North La Junta. An OCSO Deputy on scene reported a loud boom and flash like that produced by fireworks.

If you have any information regarding the recent illegal fireworks in La Junta and North La Junta contact the Otero County Sheriff's Office at (719) 384-5940.

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