Korsail Energy Announces Two New Projects, Bringing Local Jobs and Benefits to Southeast Colorado Communities

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Published: 11/10/2023
Byline: SECO News

Korsail Energy Announces Two New Projects, Bringing Local Jobs and Benefits to Southeast Colorado Communities

Denver, Colorado — November 7, 2023 — Korsail Energy is excited to unveil its latest initiatives that promise to transform the energy landscape of southeast Colorado while providing substantial local employment opportunities and long-term benefits to the surrounding communities.

Both projects are currently under review with the respective counties. 

Herard Solar - Powering Las Animas with Local Talent

Nestled in Las Animas County, Colorado, the Herard Solar project is set to significantly impact the local economy. Positioned southwest of Model, Colorado, the project's strategic location and accessible routes via existing roads off US Highway 350. Herard Solar is currently zoned as Vacant Agricultural Land in Tax District 39W and 39Y of Las Animas County.

“The Herard Solar commits to employing local talent,” says Don Bucholz, Korsail President. “We aim to hire Colorado workers for most of the construction, employing more than 300 people.”

Korsail wants to foster a strong connection between the project and the local workforce. This not only harnesses solar power to generate more affordable energy for the community but also reinvests in the local economy by providing employment opportunities for Coloradans and boosting the local economy.

La Junta I - Empowering Otero County with Sustainable Growth

In Otero County, Colorado, Korsail is embarking on another remarkable venture - the La Junta I project, located approximately 4.4 miles north of La Junta. Accessible via County Rd 28 and CO-Rd 109, La Junta I is currently zoned as Agricultural land within a Rural subdivision of Tax District 212, Otero County, making it an ideal renewable energy endeavor for the region.

Like Herard Solar, La Junta I is committed to utilizing local talent and resources. A substantial portion of the construction man-hours is expected to be filled by Colorado workers, further contributing to the region's economic well-being. Job fairs and online postings will provide avenues for skilled workers in Otero County to become a part of this monumental project.

“At Korsail Energy, we understand that renewable energy is about more than environmental stewardship; it's about supporting the communities in which we operate,” says Don Bucholz, Korsail President. “Herard Solar and La Junta I embody our dedication to these principles, and we eagerly anticipate collaborating closely with the people of Las Animas County and Otero County as we embark on this exciting journey together.”

For more information about these projects, please visit Korsail Energy's website at https://www.korsail.com/who-we-are/

About Korsail Energy

Korsail Energy specializes in developing innovative, community-oriented renewable energy projects from inception to completion. Leveraging deep industry knowledge and experience, Korsail Energy creates best-in-class projects and provides carbon-free energy to corporations, utilities, and communities nationwide.

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