Otero Commissioners Hear Dust Complaint During Audience Participation

Description: Otero County Resident Pebble Pearl Spoke to the Otero County Commissioners about Her Son's Property Being Damaged by Blow Dirt from Alleged Irresponsible Land Use by Neighbors During Public Participation at Monday's Meeting.

Published: 11/14/2023
Byline: SECO News

Otero Commissioners Hear Dust Complaint During Audience Participation

Letter from Otero County Resident Pebble Pearl:

I'm here today to ask the county commissioners why they don't enforce state statutes that were written to protect the land. Especially when the neglect of the neighbors is causing damage to the surrounding neighbors land and home.

My husband's family has lived on our farm and my sons farm for over 100 years, my grandson is the 6th generation living and farming on the land. We have lived here for over 90 years with no problem of blowing dirt. 10 to 11 years ago a family purchased the land east of us and have continued to run large numbers of cattle on the land for long periods of time. About 6 years ago my son's home and property started to get covered in blow dirt.

We know what it takes to take care of the land. We have leased some state land since the 60's. When the drought was so bad a few years ago we didn't put any cattle on the land for a couple of years. We still paid the lease and taxes but didn't get any benefits from the land because it was what was best for the land. And we know keeping prairie dogs under control cost a lot. We buy expensive poison every year and each spring put it in active holes. We have been doing this for several years to protect our land from being ruined by prairie dogs.

I don't understand how you can refuse to enforce state statues to help us protect our property from blowing dirt. All we want is to be able to live and farm on our land and pass it down for generations to come, but we can't do it with out your help. If you continue to turn your back on this problem and not enforce the state statue, we will not be able to continue to live and farm on our land because it will be covered in blow dirt from no fault of our own. It's a shame that you don't care enough about our land in Otero County to try and stop this, especially when you have the state statues telling you how to do it, and the right to enforce it.

It's a shame when people can buy land, over graze it and not care what it does to the neighbors, and our county commissioners don't seem to care either.

Our son has been seeking your help since early Dec. of last year. If all this dirt was blowing in on your land and family home how long would it take for you to try and stop it?

- Pebble Pearl

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