Springfield Police Release School Threat Incident Report

Description: The Springfield Police Department Released the Following Incident Report

Published: 02/01/2024
Byline: SECO News

Springfield Police Release School Threat Incident Report


On 01/31/2024 around 10pm Springfield Police started getting notified from several concerned parents about a possible threat to the school. These were second/third hand reports. 

Immediately SPD contacted SPRE-4 administration about the information and collaboratively the two departments came together to formulate a plan based on the information at the time. 

The entire Springfield Police Department was called in to secure the school at 630 am and was assisted by the BACA County Sheriff’s Office to remain in both schools while the threat was thoroughly investigated. SPRE4 conducted a lockout procedure and contacted the juvenile in question to ensure he did not come to campus for the day. Springfield Officers conducted escorts for the students moving from building to building and during any outdoor activities. 

SPD interviewed numerous Admins with the school along with every student that we were aware of had any information regarding the threat. 

At approximately 1100 hours on 2/1, SPD determined that there were no direct threats made to the school. All parties interviewed received information from other parties that was determined to be baseless information that had been perpetuated.  Based on the investigation into threats made to the school, Springfield Police were able to determine there was no credible threat of school violence. No person interviewed made any statement that they directly heard any threat made towards the school or committing an act of school violence. 

Springfield Police will continue to have a presence in the school today and any day further as deemed necessary to ensure that faculty, students and parents feel safe with their children in the school. 

SPRE-4 is continuing to put plans in place and determine the best approach moving forward. SPRE-4 is continuing to evaluate the entire incident as it relates to other incidents not involved with the school threat. 

We appreciate all of the parents and students who reached out and advised us of the situation and their concerns so we could properly respond and investigate the claims appropriately and ensure the safety of everyone involved. 

Thank you to Officer Willimon and Detective Reeves for working a double shift to ensure our kids safety! 

Please see the following statement from Springfield Superintendent Shelly Swayne;

“Safe Campus Proceedings

Shelly Swayne, Springfield School District

Springfield School administration became aware of a possible threat at 11:00 PM on Wednesday, 31 January. The conversations of reports came from the Springfield Police Department, who had received notes or alerts to the safety concern at approximately 10:00 PM.

The nature of the threat is described as a person wanting to harm the school during the school day on Thursday, 01 February 2024. Immediate responses saw the school follow policies to collaborate with the police department in arrival to campus, evaluation of the building/ campus, and that threat(s) were not present in any way. The schools participated in lockout procedures which allowed learning and activities as usual inside the buildings, but did not allow anyone to enter campus at any time. Exceptions were made for parents who arrived to take their student(s) home. Law enforcement cleared the premises at approximately 11:00 AM.

It has been established through law enforcement that the specific threats initiated in this situation were not substantiated and therefore campus cleared. A threat to campus in calculated violence is unproven. Threats on campus sometimes happen in the everyday life of our schools. They are typically common relationship disagreements and rarely take the form of violent threats. These disagreements are most often worked through by students with their trusted adults helping.

The uneasiness or fear that students or staff feel or have felt is valid and real. The schools are here to help and we appreciate the opportunity to learn and support students, staff, and families in all ways. “

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