La Junta Fire Dept VS Tree Fire

Description: The La Junta Fire Department Released the Following Incident Report... Photos Courtesy of La Junta Fire Department...

Published: 02/10/2024
Byline: SECO News

La Junta Fire Dept VS Tree Fire

Yesterday (2/10/24) at approx. 1130am, the La Junta Fire Department was paged out to a large on tree on fire at Rd 25 and Hwy 10.  There had been a control burn in progress in the irrigation ditch when the wind shifted and caught the tree on fire. The landowner called 911. 

Crews were able to size up the very large and very old tree and decided to cut it down so it was not a hazard next to the county road. 

With great cutting techniques and spotters around they were able to drop the tree without damaging any other property and away from the roadway.  Then the crews worked the tree to make sure it was all out.  Nicely done.

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