Cheyenne County’s 4-H Council Discusses Community Service Projects

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Published: 04/02/2024
Byline: SECO News

Cheyenne County’s 4-H Council Community Service

Written by: Chesnee Halde

Cheyenne Wells, Colo. - At the latest meeting of the Cheyenne County 4-H Council in February, members discussed community service ideas. It was announced that the council’s president, Gracieana Smith, planned to organize a blood drive as part of her senior project at Cheyenne Wells High School. Several members volunteered to bake cookies for the event.

Additionally, Lacey Taylor, extension agent in Cheyenne County, said Extension would provide the drinks for blood drive. Gracieana's blood drive was a success, and people who attended enjoyed the cookies and drinks provided.

February 4-H Cheyenne County Council Meeting

Written by: Chesnee Halde

Cheyenne Wells, Colo. - On February 12, 2024, the Cheyenne County 4-H Council held a meeting at 6:46 p.m.

There were five members present from Happy Go Lucky, four from Old Wells, and five from Sand creek. Before the meeting, team builder Trinity Engelbrecht led everyone in a team-bonding game.

Following the icebreaker, the members who were present broke into two committees, one discussing the window painting contest, while the other committee focused on the Celebrity Pig Show. Neither of the committees decided on a resolution.

After that we discussed community service ideas. It was brought up that Gracieana Smith, the council’s president, was putting on a Blood Drive for her Senior project. A couple of the members volunteered to step in and bake cookies for the event.

After discussing community service, Ava Oswald gave a report on a 4-H camp she attended called Dare To be You.

To conclude the meeting, Lacey Taylor provided tacos for all attendees to enjoy and to celebrate all members who completed a new project in 2023.

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