Bishop Castle Gatehouse Bridge Progress

Description: All of the wood on the gatehouse bridge is locally sourced just like the rest of the materials that make up Bishop Castle.

Bishop Castle Gatehouse Bridge Progress

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This is Adrian Hart with your Southeast Colorado news on at one of my favorite locations in Colorado. Bishop's Castle hand built by Jim Bishop since he was 15 years old.

I've been watching it go up for decades since I was a young child, of course, coming up here, taking family trips to see the progress each Summer, Spring, we hope you, of course, make it up here just outside of Rye, Colorado to see Bishop's Castle. Certainly one of Colorado's coolest attractions.

Mr. Bishop just around the corner telling tales of building a castle by hand, his son's working on a gift shop, and actually doing some new construction, just over here:

Bishop Castle Gatehouse Bridge Progress SECO News

Sticks out like a sore thumb to me. Fine woodwork when most of the castle is built out of wrought iron and stonework hand cut and carved beautifully over a lifetime. He bought the property when he was 15 years old and every time I've been here he has been here building on his castle.

Bishop Castle Gatehouse Bridge Progress SECO News

We can see the highway from here, the gatehouse; like these people are saying "we haven't even gotten to the castle yet."

Bishop Castle Gatehouse Bridge SECO News seconews.orgBut here's the new construction, that's why I'm doing this video to highlight the new woodwork going on. Jim Bishop's son above head right now working on it.

Couple feature articles coming up on bishops castle. Gonna take a closer look at his built not bought masterpiece, just outside of Rye in the San Isabel National Forest. It's highly trafficked by tourists.

Bishop Castle Gift Shop SignAs he's told me, it's built with his bare hands, and a donation box.

One of my favorite features - the stained glass windows of Bishop's Castle.

Bishop Castle Rye Colorado SECO News seconews.orgSECO News Photography Feature:

The Stained Glass of Bishop Castle

Of course you can buy a memorial pane of stained glass, or you can hold a wedding here.

When I was in college we used to throw raves here till they said we couldn't anymore.

Bishop Castle Donation Sign SECO News seconews.orgSo if you get up here, outside of Rye, Colorado please make a donation.

Privately owned and built, highly trafficked - one of Colorado's feature destinations - Bishop's Castle in Rye, Colorado.

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