Small Town Project Shares 150 Thanksgiving Meals

Description: Small Town Project volunteers distributed 150 Thanksgiving Meals to the community. They are actively seeking volunteers to help with The Rocky Ford Food Share.

Small Town Project Interview

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Podcast Transcript:

SECO News: This is Adrian Hart with your Southeast Colorado News on

We're here with the Small Town Project, Duane Gurule kinda leading the way here, you guys are taking 150 Thanksgiving meals to be given away. Tell us a little bit about The Small Town Project and tell us a little bit about the meal give away you've got going on for Thanksgiving Duane.

Gurule: Thanks Adrian. So, Small Town Project, our biggest project is going to be our Rocky Ford food share. So this is almost our second year going in, this will be our second annual Thanksgiving meal share out. What we're doing this year is we have 150 boxes all packed with all of the traditional Thanksgiving meal items. Big 'ol Turkeys and all that good stuff, so we got these packed up and then at 2 o'clock today (11/23/21) we're handing them out at the fairgrounds. So we've got 150 boxes to hand out. 

So we were able to achieve that by some kind donations and some partnerships. One of those is Keahey out of Aurora, another is iLending Direct, it's a financial company out of Centennial, they hosted a food drive for us and they were able to raise over 2,700 pounds of food between there employees.

SECO News: Wow.

Gurule: So, that was a huge blessing. And then finally, working with Care and Share of Southern Colorado, so through them and then finally, if not most importantly, a good partnership with the Rocky Ford Foodmarket.

So we were able to get a bunch of our turkeys and some of the other finishings right here local. So, yeah we'll be doing this handout at 2 o'clock today (11/23/21).

SECO News: But you guys do regular food share, food hand outs here in Rocky Ford. You do those on a monthly basis, is that the case?

Gurule: Yeah, The Rocky Ford Food Share is open twice a month. It's open on the first and third Fridays of every month. Our hours changed with the time change, so we just moved to new hours, which are 11am til 1pm, so again that's first and third Friday of every month 11am to 1pm, and we're at 206 N. Main Street here in Rocky Ford. 

SECO News: Alright, very cool, so twice a month you guys are giving directly to the community. For our business owners and people who would be interested in giving back to The Small Town Project how do they do that?

Gurule: Yeah Adrian, so with that I think the biggest and most important part of what keeps all of this running is our volunteers. Small Town Project is still 100% volunteer led and operated. So, if any of our companies, businesses, or other organizations around the valley want to give back we would appreciate any of the time that you can give to Small Town Project.

We really try to bring as many resources from outside of the community in, so as far as our donations, campaigns and food drives we like to target the front range and some of the other areas around the state on that to bring as much resources into the valley as we can. So again, volunteer time, you know that time is a most important and valuable commodity, so that's the best way to give. 

SECO News: Alright, very good. Thank you for giving your volunteer time and doing what you're doing Duane. Your community appreciates it.

Gurule: We appreciate it Adrian, thank you.

SECO News: Thank You.