About The Valley: Brown Tarantula - Interview with Researcher Dallas Haselhuhn

Description: Dallas Haselhuhn Tarantula Researcher Reacts to "Tarantula Karate" a short film by Jay Briggs while discussing the Southeast Colorado Tarantula "Migration."

Published: 09/23/2022
Byline: SECO News

About The Valley: "Colorado" Brown Tarantula

Episode One -

Interview with Tarantula Expert Dallas Haselhuhn, Masters Researcher with Dr. Schillington's Arachnid Lab (Largest in United States) out of Eastern Michigan University.

Episode Two -

Field Trip with Dallas Haselhuhn. Observe Male and Female Brown Tarantulas with Dallas as he describes his research south of La Junta, Colorado. Rare Juvenile Female spotted.

Featuring: "Tarantula Karate" by Jay Briggs.

Background video credit: Nicole Roberts, 2021 SECO News Tarantula Photography Contest Best Video!

Watch the About The Valley Episodes on the Brown Tarantula Here:

Episode 1 - Studio Interview

Episode #2 - Field Trip

Learn More About: Eastern Michigan University Dr Schillington

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