Otero County Emergency Services Signs Mutual Aid Agreement with Pueblo County

Description: During the Monday February 27, 2023 meeting of the Otero County Commissioners Emergency Manager Danny Chavez requested permission to sign a mutual aid agreement with Pueblo County Emergency Agencies.

Published: 03/02/2023
Byline: SECO News

Otero Emergency Services Signs Mutual Aide Agreement with Pueblo 2-27-23

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Otero County Emergency Services Signs Mutual Aide Agreement with Pueblo County

Otero County Emergency Manager Danny Chavez presented a mutual aid agreement with Pueblo County Emergency Services on Monday afternoon at the regular Otero County Commissioners Meeting in La Junta, Colorado.

Video Transcript:

Commissioner Oquist: Danny Chavez Mutual Aid Agreement.

Chavez: Good afternoon.

Commissioners: Good afternoon.

Chavez: So I am looking for permission to sign into a mutual aid agreement. This will be between Otero County emergency response services and all of Pueblo County Emergency response agencies.

Commissioner Knabenshue: Okay, so cool. So I will make a motion to approve the mutual aid agreement for Danny to sign the mutual aid agreement for emergency management.

Baldwin: Second.

Oquist: They moved and seconded that we approved Danny to sign a mutual aid agreement. All in favor?

Baldwin: Aye.

Oquist: Aye.

Oquist: Oppossed?

Oquist: Motion carries.

Chavez: I would name them all, but there is about 30 of 'em. So if you would like any specifics, please get with me and I can give those to you. Another thing that I would like to point out is just the, importance of mutual aid agreements. Yesterday we had a fire, our Rocky Ford Fire District had a fire that could have gone badly quick. And by calling in mutual aid with La Junta and Manzanola they were able to get it under control quickly and keep it from getting way worse than it was, but it was a potentially scary one.

Knabenshue: Was it a house or was it grass?

Chavez: It was wild land, but it did get mal buildings and it threatened numerous houses. We had to send structure protection to numerous, houses on it.

Oquist: So did it burn any of Georges?

Chavez: I don't know.

Oquist: He had pictures on Facebook. Said he thanked everybody for coming and helping cuz he was sure nervous about it.

Chavez: Is he right on 20.5?

Oquist: Must have been, yeah, because it showed it right in it looked like he was in his backyard.

Chavez: Yeah, probably. Yeah. His trees and stuff there. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. You're talking about now. Great job to them and they did a great job of getting that handle on it quickly with. Winds that were picking up. It got a little scary there for a bit with them guys. Thank you guys.

Commissioners: Thank you, Danny.

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