CSP Releases Body Cam Footage from State Capitol Student Protest

Description: Watch the extended body cam compilation of footage below released by The Colorado State Patrol on April 6, 2023...

Published: 04/06/2023
Byline: SECO News

CSP Releases Body Worn Camera Footage

(COLORADO) – During a student protest at the Colorado State Capitol on April 5, 2023, three students seated in the House Gallery were removed when the session was suspended due to disruptive behavior. The three videos being released captured the interaction with these students from the three body-worn cameras of law enforcement members involved. 

We are committed to being transparent with our community, and it’s our priority to release this information as soon as possible. For the privacy of those featured in the footage, we have blurred the image of the students directly involved in this video. No charges or arrests were made against these students.


All videos start with up to 30-seconds of no audio. This is not a malfunction. The “Axon 3” body-worn cameras used by the CSP have a continuous multi-second video-only buffer. When a recording is activated, the buffered video captured directly before the event is saved and attached to the event in permanent memory. This feature is intended to capture the video of an incident just before a recording begins.

Watch the video here:

(Clean edit - profanity removed)

Body Cam Footage

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